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--- Quote from: DavidJunior on August 17, 2013, 10:08:11 PM ---Disneyland opens at 8 at the earliest, usually later in off seasons

There is the potential of just blocking off the area around the ride (literally in the back of the park) in case racers take longer than expected

Abd finally, there are many 'cast member' exits, so they can leave virtually undetected by crowds

--- End quote ---

That could work so well! the task they get in dinseyland could direct them to another disneyland in other places? (eg. find disneyland in europe which is Paris.) or something

New Route if Canada went international. (i think this could be a test season for international travel all the countries travelled should be safe)

Leg 1: Montreal, Canada > Casablanca, Morocco
Leg 2: Morocco > Lisbon, Portugal [Ferry from Tangier, Morroco to Tarifa , Spain to Lisbon]
Leg 3: Portugal (Lisbon)
Leg 4: Portugal > Madrid, Spain
Leg 5: Madrid > Odesa, Ukraine > Kiev, Ukraine
Leg 6: Ukraine > New Delhi, India
Leg 7: India (New Delhi)
Leg 8: India > Kathmandu, Nepal
Leg 9: Nepal > Hong Kong
Lg 10: Hong Kong > Manila, Philippines
Lg 10: Philippines (Quezon City)
Lg 11: Philippines > Vancouver, Canada

Free Maps:

Sort of an island hoppers;

Leg 1: Ellis Island, USA > Reykjavik, Iceland
Leg 2: Reykjavik, Iceland > Dublin, Ireland
Leg 3: Dublin, Ireland > Sardinia, Italy
Leg 4: Mainland Italy > Canary Islands, Spain (Tenerife)
Leg 5: Canary Islands (Gran Canaria)
Leg 6: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands > Praia, Cape Verde Islands
Leg 7: Praia, Cape Verde Islands >  Antananarivo, Madagascar
Leg 8: Antananarivo, Madagascar > Colombo, Sri Lanka
Leg 9: Sri Lanka
Leg 10: Sri Lanka > Manila, The Philippines
Leg 11: Manila, The Philippines > Darwin, Australia
Leg 12: Darwin, Australia > Tokyo, Japan > Maui, Hawaii SUPERLEG.

A bit exotic but I would love the race to get to the Canary Islands.


--- Quote from: DavidJunior on August 15, 2013, 01:37:39 PM ---One of my dream starts, if for the race to start IN Disneyland (Main Street, right in front of castle). The teams would reach their bags, only to discover they have to ride "It's a Small World" to discover their first destination. The red/yellow route marker would be hidden somewhere on the ride, relating to the country they are soon to visit (ex. on the gondola scene for Italy or on the kids in tulips for the Netherlands). Once they complete the ride, they would then guess their location to Phil, by handing him the correct mini country flag (there would be a large stand filled with various small flags). If they guess correctly, they will get a ticket for one of 2 or 3 flights. They do not have to re-ride the ride if they give a wrong answer, but they are more than welcome to ride it as much as they need.

The options for places to go from there are quite high. Most locations in "It's a Small World" are European destinations, however, there are several American and Asian countries to choose from as well.

--- End quote ---

This would be fun. And since Disney "owns" a piece of never know!

Wishful thinking -- All of the continents, but brutal airport connections!

Independence, Missouri (start of the Oregon Trail)
Lima, Peru (11th place elimination)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (10th place elimination)
Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina (9th place elimination)
Antartica (special charter flight for 8 teams + crew, NEL)
Sydney, Australia (8th place elimination)
Hobart, Tasmania (7th place elimination)
Paro, Bhutan (NEL)
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (6th and 5th place elimination)
Oslo, Norway (4th place elimination)
Anchorage, Alaska (TBC)
Oregon City, Oregon (end of the Oregon Trail and 34,000 miles later)

If done right, this route would essential go over the South and North Poles!!


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