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--- Quote from: MrDS on July 20, 2013, 04:03:19 PM ---Leg 1: USA (Let's say NYC) -> Morocco (Casablanca)
Leg 2: Morocco (Marrakesh)
Leg 3: Morocco -> Italy (Verona)
Leg 4: Italy -> Slovakia (Bratislava)
Leg 5: Slovakia (Kosice)
Leg 6: Slovakia -> Romania (Cluj-Napoca)
Leg 7: Romania -> Georgia (Tbilisi)
Leg 8: Georgia -> Uzbekistan (Samarkand)
Leg 9: Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Leg 10: Uzbekistan -> Myanmar (Yangon)
Leg 11: Myanmar -> Taiwan (Yuanlin)
Leg 12: Taiwan -> USA (San Diego)

And free mapz:

--- End quote ---

Yay someone else uses that website! :)   :luvya:

Another Route. Visiting countries unvisited for a long time!!

Leg 1: Any US City > Caracas, Venezuela
Leg 2: Venezuela (Valencia)
Leg 3: Venezuela > Cusco, Peru
Leg 4: Peru > Dakar, Senegal
Leg 5: Senegal (Saint-Louis)
Leg 6: Senegal > Szeged, Hungary
Leg 7: Hungary > Patra, Greece
Leg 7: Patra, Greece > Odesa, Ukraine
Leg 8: Ukraine > Adis Ababa, Ethiopia
Leg 9: Ethiopia > Male, Maldives
Lg 10: Maldives (Adu City)
Lg 11: Maldives > Davao, Philippines
Lg 12: Philippines > San Francisco, USA (or any end city)

Little Victory:
(Sorry for the bad English, I'm just a school-going boy from the Netherlands...)

I'd like to see Maria & Tiffany in the next All Stars, I lover them  :luvya:
And although they are divorced, I'd like to see Brian/Ericka on All-Stars too.
Other Teams: Bopper/Mark, Trey/Lexi, Twinnies from Sri Lanka, team Youtube, Caroline & Jen, Mona and Beth.

I hope they will come to the Netherlands again. It's my home country  :hearts:

 :hello2: and :bigwelcome to RFF, Little Victory.

Hello guys!  :)

I'm thinking of a twist that involves 3 teams and it works kinda like U-turn. (I'm not also sure if this idea is already mentioned here...)

The name will be Interchange.

Every team has onetime power to exchange other 2 teams' partners. This should appear before a Detour or a Roadblock. This would work especially to the teams who always have an issue to each other (i.e. Art & JJ and Vanessa & Ralph against Brandon & Rachel)... The power should end after the Detour or the Roadblock is already completed.

A team who uses this will select 2 teams at the Interchange Station. Then they will also select which one team member who will temporarily partner with another team's member.

If a selected team is already ahead of the one who uses this, the effects will be nullified.

The team that has been selected must wait until the 2nd selected team arrives and then on they can continue with team members already exchanged.

So what do you guys think?  :)


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