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Route countries islands (except USA)

Leg 1: USA (Honolulu) -> Japan (Nagoya)
Leg 2: Japan (Hiroshima)
Leg 3: Japan -> Vanuatu (Port Vila)
Leg 4: Vanuatu -> New Zealand (Auckland)
Leg 5: New Zealand -> Sri Lanka (Galle)
Leg 6: Sri Lanka (Colombo)
Leg 7: Sri Lanka ->  Madagascar (Antananarivo)
Leg 8: Madagascar -> Cyprus (Paralimni)
Leg 9: Cyprus -> Iceland (Reykjavík)
Leg 10: Iceland -> Bahamas (Nassau)
Leg 11: Bahamas -> Jamaica (Kingston)
Leg 12: Jamaica -> USA (Maui)


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--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on April 11, 2013, 06:42:13 PM ---Single Dads- 50 & 45 years old divorced fathers with kids; want to support their kids as much as they can, similar to Bopper & Mark, but more serious

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Doug and Tony from the last season of Bachelorette!

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I want some "plumper" single dads, not pretty boy the Bachelor people.

I was just thinking the other day it might be a fun idea if there was a team of nudists. Imagine how that would go down, lol...

I also have a list of 10 places I'd like to see on the race:
1. Canadian Maritimes or Newfoundland
2. Any country in the Caribbean (Saint Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, etc...)
4. Wales or Northern Ireland
5. Andorra
6. Slovakia
7. Somewhere new in Russia (Kaliningrad, or somewhere new in Siberia, such as the far east)
8. Maldives
9. Tasmania
10. ANY country in Oceania other than Australia or New Zealand. (Fiji, Vanuatu, Kiribati, etc...)

Happy Wanderer:
I tried planning a race. Then I realized I was in over my head.  :res: So I scrapped it. I can still think of teams no problem. :)

I always thought of a Race completely bypassing the Atlantic and the Lower 48 by starting and ending in Alaska and Hawaii and traveling to Oceania > South Asia > Africa > Europe then looping back to North Asia.


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