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Happy Wanderer:
I tried planning a race. Then I realized I was in over my head.  :res: So I scrapped it. I can still think of teams no problem. :)

I always thought of a Race completely bypassing the Atlantic and the Lower 48 by starting and ending in Alaska and Hawaii and traveling to Oceania > South Asia > Africa > Europe then looping back to North Asia.

Leg 1: Las Vegas ,Nevada, USA (Nellis Air Force Base) to Arequipa, Peru (Santa Catalina Monastery)
Leg 2: Arequipa, Peru to Cusco, Peru (Saksaywaman)
Leg 3: Cusco, Peru to Porto Alegre, Brazil (Porto Alegre Botanical Garden)
Leg 4: Porto Alegre, Brazil to Durban, South Africa (uShaka Marine World)
Leg 5: Durban, South Africa to Pretoria, South Africa (Freedom Park)
Leg 6: Pretoria, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya (Nairobi National Park)
Leg 7: Nairobi, Kenya to Tamale, Ghana (Ahmadiyya Muslem Mosque)
Leg 8: Tamale, Ghana to Zagreb, Croatia (Bundek)
Leg 9: Zagreb, Croatia to Graz, Austria (Herz-Jesu-Kirche)
Leg 10: Graz, Austria to Nice, France (Place Garibaldi)
Leg 11: Nice, France to Reykjavík, Iceland (Perlan)
Leg 12: Reykjavík, Iceland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,USA (Fairmount Park)

Best Loser:
A season with the US, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Israel, Ukraine, Norway, France, and Brazil.

They all have versions of the Amazing Race!

If anyone here has seen "Expedition Impossible", you'd know they had a Blind Contestant compete, and he made it to second place.

Do you think it would be feasible to have a blind contestant on TAR? (With a seeing partner, of course)


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