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--- Quote from: GB on May 21, 2013, 08:46:37 PM ---^ That's a nice route, but I feel that the race should aaaalways strive to go to at least one new nation.

--- End quote ---

I get what you mean. It's a route that revisits places that  haven't been shown in many seasons or new cities in visited countries.

If you are speculating for TAR23, I don't think they will visit Turkey after its visit in Season 21.


Leg 1 - USA (west coast) --> Philippines
Leg 2 - Philippines
Leg 3 - Philippines --> Australia
Leg 4 - Australia --> New Zealand
Leg 5 - New Zealand --> Antarctica
Leg 6 - Antarctica
Leg 7 - Antarctica --> Chile or Argentina
Leg 8 - Chile or Argentina --> Peru
Leg 9 - Peru --> Venezuela
Leg10- Venezuela --> Costa Rica
Leg11- Costa Rica --> Belize
Leg12- Belize --> USA (east coast)

So that's 5 continents. I want to see a Philippine leg with all 11 teams still around. I was also thinking about a leg or 2 at the Antarctic region. I also noticed that there weren't much legs around Central America.

For twists, these are what I think might work:
-Leg 1 winner would win an express pass and an extra u-turn power.
-Leg 11 could still have 5 teams with that leg being a double elimination leg.
-Final leg can still have 4 teams, but one will be eliminated somewhere within that leg.
-The revival of the intersection during the final 10 or final 4 teams.
-The intersection-elimination twist wherein the total number of teams left in that leg is an odd number, the team that wouldn't be able to join forces with another team will be eliminated right away at the intersection. (unfair elimination though)
-The reincarnation of the intersection wherein the background of the intersection is red instead of yellow; however, the rules would be exactly the same as the double battle in TAR Israel 2 and the intersection at TAR Latin America 2.
-The return of the yield with some added twists. :hearts:
-The return of the hazard, this time the team who would receive the hazard will have to do it in every leg (except the final leg or by skipping it by means of a fast forward) until they win a leg or until they get eliminated. (brutal I guess)
-A special w-turn wherein the team who received the 1st u-turn can not use the 2nd one until they finish the other side of the detour.
-More fast forwards! About 3 to 6 fast forwards per race.
-2 TBC/"keep racing" pit stops in a row. (But this would probably exhaust the cast and the crew)
-More 1st leg NELs.
-A NEL penalty wherein the last team to arrive must complete a speedbump and must arrive 1st the following leg. If the team fails to arrive 1st, that team will receive a 30-min penalty. (For short: NEL penalty = speedbump + MFE) (may be brutal too)


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