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--- Quote from: Leafsfan on December 31, 2012, 08:45:58 PM ---Route with Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Leg 1: USA (Boston Startline: Wompatuck state park) - France (Paris)
Leg 2: France - Austria (Graz)
Leg 3: Austria - Russia (Samara)
Leg 4: Russia (Yekaterinburg)
Leg 5: Russia - Uzbekistan (Samarkand)
Leg 6: Uzbekistan - Zambia (Lusaka)
Leg 7: Zambia (Switchback from first episode of S1)
Leg 8: Zambia - Sri Lanka (Colombo)
Leg 9: Sri Lanka (Galle, Hambantota)
Leg 10: Sri Lanka - Thailand (Bangkok)
Leg 11: Thailand - China (Beijing)
Leg 12: China - USA

--- End quote ---


Another route:

Leg 1: USA - Brazil (Manaus)
Leg 2: Brazil (Natal)
Leg 3: Brazil - Russia (Moscow)
Leg 4: Russia (Moscow)
Leg 5: Russia - Greece (Athens)
Leg 6: Greece (Crete)
Leg 7: Greece - UAE (Dubai)
Leg 8: UAE - Oman (Muscat)
Leg 9: Oman - Sri Lanka (Colombo)
Leg 10: Sri Lanka - Singapore
Leg 11: Singapore - Vietnam (Hanoi)
Leg 12: Vietnam - USA

Another route:

Leg 1: USA (Los Angeles) - France (Paris)
Leg 2: France - Benin (Cotonou)
Leg 3: Benin (Rural leg)
Leg 4: Benin - Finland (Helsinki)
Leg 5: Finland - Latvia (Riga)
Leg 6: Latvia - Russia (Moscow)
Leg 7: Russia (Moscow)
Leg 8: Russia - UAE (Dubai)
Leg 9: UAE - Nepal (Kathmandu)
Leg 10: Nepal - Macau, China
Leg 11: Macau, China - Japan
Leg 12: Japan - USA

New Year's wishes:
1. More self-driving legs, please.
2. Please bring back eat, sleep and mingle with the other teams at pit stop. :)

Get ready for the MOST GRUELING RACE, EVER! :stirtp:

STARTING LINE: Liberty Island
START LINE TASK: Run to the Statue of Liberty wall grounds and rappel yourselves up to the main base by using the provided tools. The first three teams to run up the grueling steps of the SoL to the lookout score tickets on the 1st direct flight to Casablanca. The next four teams score tickets on the 2nd flight connecting from Paris while the remaining four receive tickets on the 3rd flight connecting from London. (Note: Teams must take the regular ferry to Battery Park after retrieving their clue. Each departs & returns every 30 min. So retrieving their tickets ASAP is crucial.)

Leg 1 (United States --> Morocco) / New York to Casablanca (NIGHT RUN, self-drive or hire taxi driver to ruralized town [Aļt Ammar], Roadblock: prickly pear harvest & prepare "PP juice" :lol3: to shot drink AT NIGHT, ride a mule cart transporting prickly pears from the Roadblock locat. to a small village also the Pit Stop)
Leg 2 (Morocco --> Liberia) / self-drive back to Casablanca and flight to Monrovia (Detour: be an Aminata station serviceman and "CHANGE" tires on 10 cars OR "CLEAN" inside to out 20 cars getting water from hand pump both via persuasion wearing local servicemen outfits; Roadblock: build and fix West Point oasis shacks)
Leg 3 (Liberia --> Nigeria) / to Lagos (Fast Forward: assemble 2 clay bikes and ride them down a treacherous hill to a traffic circle and grab their FF award at the center of the circle, Roadblock: Nigerian film trailers quiz at Idumota Market, Detour: Eyo festival ["Music" or "Masquerade"] near Teslim Balogun Stadium, Shrine of Fela Pit Stop)
Leg 4 (Nigeria) / bus to Ondo's nearby forestry reserves (cocoa themed leg) (Double U-Turn)
Leg 5 (Nigeria --> Italy) / to Milan and train to Genoa (Liguria Province leg, Savona Pit Stop)
Leg 6 (Italy --> Albania) / to Tirana (city landmarks to countryside culture transition themed leg, Petrelė Castle Pit Stop)
Leg 7 (Albania --> Greece) / Durrės ferry to Corfu (Lazarreto Island Roadblock, Palaia Frourio visit, Garitsa Bay Detour, Palaia Anaktora - Garden of the People Pit Stop)
Leg 8 (Greece) / ferries to Patra (tasks in Patra locales, Fast Forward: Sacrificial offering at a Greek god temple's burning cauldron [sacrifice two personal belongings :duno:/sacrifice a clay "animal"], Pit Stop is located in Porto Rio)
Leg 9 (Greece --> Nepal) / bus to Athens & flight to Kathmandu (everyday lives work in the city leg) (Double U-Turn)
Leg 10 (Nepal --> Laos) / to Vientiane (economic & farm life themed leg)
Leg 11 (Laos --> Japan)  / to Tokyo :gaah: (get their next clue from sushi shack drive-thru, Detour: "ANIME" TALENTED drawing for 5 locals or Shinjuku "PACHINKO" parlor's luck factor [earn total money of 20] Roadblock: Deliver 3 bento boxes of sushi by basket bike to each of the 5 different addresses around Tokyo wearing schoolgirl cosplay, Pit Stop at Ninomiya Jinja or some teams may call it "Ninomiya NINJA" :cmaslol)
Leg 12 (Japan --> United States) / to :conf:Chicago, ILLINOIS:conf:
FINAL ROADBLOCK: (Not final task) A windy Final RB inside a giant wind machine hurling you at 50 mph while walking on waxed floor. The performers must strap on a bungee cord and pull themselves to the giant fan to grab a flag with a set of colors defining each countries' flags. [Example: Moroccan flag is red with a green star, therefore teams must grab the flag with mostly red/little green with separate color blots and place it in a numbered (chronologic country visit) slot.] They are NOT able to use any type of reference once they go into the wind machine. They have 25 minutes to complete the task or suffer a do-over after the waiting teams have all been served.
FINISH LINE: self-drive to Horseshoe Hammond Casino in Gary, Indiana

It looks like a "fruitcake route", but oh well... nobody is that perfect in life. :ghug:


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