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Another route:

Leg 1; USA (Los Angeles) - Peru (Lima)
Leg 2: Peru - Brazil (Manaus)
Leg 3: Brazil (Rural Amazon themed leg)
Leg 4: Brazil - Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Leg 5: Netherlands - Liberia (Monrovia)
Leg 6: Liberia (Rural leg around Monrovia)
Leg 7: Liberia - Bulgaria (Sofia)
Leg 8: Bulgaria - India (Mumbai)
Leg 9: India (Mumbai)
Leg 10: India - New Zealand (Auckland)
Leg 11: New Zealand - Hong Kong
Leg 12: Hong Kong - Seoul, South Korea - USA (Hawaii)

1. We have seen Single Moms (go team Bama! :cmas19)... but what about SINGLE DADS! :cmas22
2. Team with cerebral disabilities like dyslexia - father & daughter dyslexia would be pretty interesting
3. A pair of fashion designers with Shana & Jennifer instincts, I want another disrespectful team to hate, lol
4. A pair of obese parents (chubbier than Steve & Debra) :cmas51
5. Floridian hairdressers with Latina or Latino heritage... Aura spray time!!! :cmas22
6. Don't care who, but I want a teammate on the race named Ashley :cmaslol

Pls show us Greece, Santorini Island!! And Petra in Jordan!!  :cmas13

Another route:

Leg 1: USA (Los Angeles) - Italy (Rome)
Leg 2: Italy - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Leg 3: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Winter sports themed; site of 1984 Olympics).
Leg 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia (Zagreb)
Leg 5: Croatia - Russia (Moscow)
Leg 6: Russia (Podolsk)
Leg 7: Russia - Oman (Muscat)
Leg 8: Oman - Sri Lanka (Colombo)
Leg 9: Sri Lanka - China (Beijing)
Leg 10: China - South Korea (Seoul)
Leg 11: South Korea - Japan (Sapporo)
Leg 12: Japan (Tokyo) - USA (Seattle)

Here's another-

Starting Point: Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, California, USA
Leg 1: SFO Airport to Brisbane, Queensland (Pit Stop: The Lookout at Mount Coot-tha)
Leg 2: Brisbane to Gold Coast to Southport (Pit Stop: The Endeavor replica at Sea World)
Leg 3: Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Pit Stop: Kuala Lumpur Civic Center Park)
Leg 4: Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi, India (Pit Stop: The India Gate)
Leg 5: New Delhi to Doha, Qatar (Pit Stop: desert campsite near Masaieed)
Leg 6: Qatar to Moscow, Russia (Pit Stop: Gorky Park)
Leg 7: Moscow to Samara Oblast to Syzran (Pit Stop: Syzran Kremlin)
Leg 8: Syzran to Munich, Germany to Bad Reichenhall to Salzburg, Austria (Pit Stop: Schloss Hellbrunn)
Leg 9: Salzburg to Luqa, Malta (Pit Stop: St Peter's Pool at Marsaxlokk Bay)
Leg 10: Malta to Gatwick Airport, England to Isle of Wight to Portsmouth (Pit Stop: Portsmouth Historic Dockyard)
Leg 11: Portsmouth to London (Pit Stop: Keats House in Hampstead)
Leg 12: London to Keflavik, Iceland to Gullfoss to Reykjavik (Pit Stop: Hallgrimskirkja)
Leg 13: Reykjavik to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to Cape Cod (Finish Line: Cape Cod National Seashore, Atwood-Higgins House)

-4 Continents, 11 Countries (new countries: Qatar and Malta)


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