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TAR Wishlist - locations, routes, twists, teams, tasks and prophetic dreams!

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As the title says, what do you want to see in future editions of TAR? I may as well start.

Locations: COPENHAGEN. Also Indonesia, Ghana, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Belize, and return trips to Thailand and Singapore.
Twists: No more, thanks. More Fast Forwards. More legs. The absolute death of the Intersection.
Teams: Less in the way of boring dating couples. More unique relationships, particularly with family and co-ed (nondating) teams.
Etc.: Less money per leg - if teams can routinely follow taxis, then it's time to tighten the purse strings. Less bunching - TAR12 did a good job with this, but it's sort of a reflexive request ever since TAR6.

(edited to emphasize some of the things that could be posted in here, but hey, I predicted all of these aside from Bulgaria, Belize, and less bunching)

- Per the lovely Peach, route maps should not be posted in-thread; a link to the image file should be fine, as well as this site.
- It should go without saying but this is a spoiler-free thread. If you're posting something that specifically refers to a currently-airing or currently-filming season hide it under spoiler tags:


but without the *. :)

Well I'd like them to visit*
*    Indonesia (I've been there a number of times and it really is no more dangerous than many other                 places they've visited)
*    Antarctica - so the race can finally say it has visited EVERY continent
*    Eastern Russia (siberia) - the whole north of asia has never been visited and some of the views are breathtaking
*    Greenland (if they don't go to antarctica, it wouldn't be a good idea to visit them in the same season)

Usually the race head south or west from america, except for season 10 which headed east to china. I would like to see the first leg head north to Canada and then head east to siberia in the next.

As for the taxi following issue, they should ban it. Its fine to ask for directions, or even get a local 'guide' but all the taxi following does make for a boring show.

I would love the race to go to Indonesia! I would also like to see Cambodia or Southern Thailand (Phuket or places around there)

We need less teams from California, and less dating couples

I'd gauge locations based on those I've read about since I was a kid...

The race has done cities well, but completely in agreeance on Antarctica & Indonesia!

Peru - They've missed all the epic locations: Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca...
The Amazon
Greek Islands
Jerusalem & Jordan - I know it isn't 100% safe, but nowhere in the world is...
The Silk Route
Southwest China
Easter Island

Hey, that's enough adventure for an entire season!

Wow im surprised there r lots of ppl here wanna TAR to go to Indonesia, as local i also want that!
Thx for your opinion about Indonesia   :tup:  :tup:
But i also would like to see countries like Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and more Russia (especially Siberia), also Denmark, Slovenia (Europe best kept secret), and Jordan.


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