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Gauntlent reunion


showed some clips of the final guantlent.  Jillian says she earned her money she went in the gauntlent 3 times she earned her money.    Frank said he did not believe that they would win and he was pretty bitter during the whole show.

They talked to Eric about his performance and he said he tired and it was about team work and we did not have it.  Ev was rolling her eyes.  So they talked to her and she said Eric ws talking big about being able to run 10 minute mile and  blahblah He said I can run a 10 minute mile but not after a 1/2 mile swim in the ocean.  Even Paula was trashing Eric

Katie said she loved Brad for being a great person and caring about Eric.  Eric says he only talks to Coral, Katie and Brad.  He thought Evan and Kenny were his friend but obviously not.  He has friends in real life and if they do not want to be friend so be it.

Talking about the hook ups

Ev said she does not think Brooke played her.

THe host asked Kenny and Evan if there was some thing between them as they do not have girls.  they said they did not want to date the girls on the show.

Talking about  all the gauntlent fights and back stabbing

Coral called Ev a bitch since she would talk one way to her and another on camera.  You can see Ev is getting mad and is going to say something soon

Too many commercials... not enough drama yet

Coral is telling Ev that she should be embarrassed for not sticking up for the girls and not alligning with the guys.  Ev said she does not talk to the these people and she had no alliance to these people and never gave any one her word.

Coral was yelling and cussing everyone out.  They said bottom line play the game and play it fair.  Throwing challenges, lieing is not worth the money.  Katie said if I want to talk shti about you, I am going to say it to your face so I can see the reaction.  Kenny and Evan say it is a game show and we were playing.  They said you can still have fun on a game show.  Katie said Frank said Katie I will help you with the puzzle because you suck at challenges.  She said at least he was up front with what he was doing.  SHe was mad at Evan because she promised her mom she would be good.

Brad and Tori still together

Frank and Jillian still together

Paula and Derek friends

Casey and Johnny not together

Ct and Diem are done  ~  WOWWOW

Johanna and Wes are not together ~ WOW

Also sounds like Johanna and Melinda are not as close any more

Show unseen clips of Katie.... lots of cussing and middle fingers

I forgot to post one of the not seen clips... it showed 2 guys and a girl in the shower with 2 guys walking in to watch or catch them.  I could not tell who all they were but the host asked Paula if that was her and she did not say anything but then said  I knew I needed to get out of there.  WOW I never pictured Paula as the get naked in the shower with cameras type of person.  I guess now we know why she was not on the short list to go home.

And I have to say Ev sat at the end and did not say alot and was not really friendly to anyone.  And said many times I am not your friend, I do not assocaite with these people and things like that.  Gee and you wonder why you are normally only around the guys.  Better hope they do not have the battle of the sexes again not sure they would want to keep you.

Funny they asked her about Brooke dating her ex girlfriend and she got mad and did not want to talk about it.


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