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Where can i watch TAR?



Is there are site on the internet where it is possible to watch past seasons of The Amazing Race?
It could be so great if there is!!

If you know how to do Torrents, you can access every season. However, you have to have a huge amount of disk storage because each episode runs almost 400 million Megabytes and a whole season is around 5 billion gigabytes. You must download a program like and a torrent-finding program like The tricky part is setting up a port corrrectly just for the data transfer. It can take days for each episode to download and weeks for a season. There is information on the Internet that explains in more detail how to do this. I get what I want about half the time and the other half I get a red marker indicating failure of the data transfer to start.

And if you aren't technologically well-versed (or lazy), you can also check here. Granted, these are hosted on the Internet, so there's always the chance that the player won't work/the episodes get removed/etc. It only has TAR:US; I'd check youtube for TARAsia or A Corrida Millionara.

Hi zackattack308!

The quality on that site is not good, and they have posted Survivor seasons coming soon in a very long time. 

But thank you!!

Netflix has the first 10 seasons, but only Seasons 1 & 7 are available now, and can be added to your queue for rental.
 The others can be saved for when they're available for rental.  (that is IF I'm reading into it correctly!)  Check it out:
You can use their Search to get the scoop,


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