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Gauntlent 3 3/12/2008

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Last male gauntlent, last challenge before the final

THey need to balance the platform for 10 seconds.  Like a merry go round

tyring to get the weight evenly.... neither team can do it

No one is able to figure it out

THe vets are yelling and cussing at each other

THe rookies get the first round

Robin says she does nto know if they are trying to throw it or not, please tell her

Rookies win

Vet guys will have to go to the guantlent

Evan says they have not lost a male gauntlent since week 1

Rookies want to save Eric because he is slow

The rookies are not agreeing with Frank to throw in CT

To be continued!!!

THey say to be continued  but then show you scenes for the final challenge so you know who is goin and who is not.


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