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Gauntlent 3 3/12/2008

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Well tonight is another night.  And I think this is the last night before the finall mission.

Starts off with Kenny and Evan thrash talking katie and saying they have fat ugly women on their team.  Hello do they not think they will see this.  First off I think Katie if very pretty.  ANd I think Kenny and Evan would be nothing with out these challenges and that is why they are causing drama so they keep getting asked back.

Katie is working with Frank and Johanna so when she goes in the gauntlent that they send in someone she can beat.

Rachel is  afraid she will go in the gauntlent if her team loses.

The Vet guys are all getting their hari in a mohawk . EVan looks like a dork

They have to do into freezing cold water and submerge their whole body in the water.  If they can not take the cold they can walk out.

TJ just said last girl gauntlent before final

Johanna is scared

CT sayd they need to throw the challenge

Evan is whining that the water is so cold his heart is stoping

This is going to be hard on the rookies as each round is timed and they only have 6 to the Vets 12 so the rookies will have to go in the water longer

Evan goes first

Frank says it is the most painful thing he has ever done

Kenny goes Adam goes

CT puts a finger in and says no and quits.  His reason is he does not want to ruin his mohawk.  WUSSS  He says if he does not want to win he has no reason to go.

Diem goes in and looks so pitaful

Everyone is saying how bad it is

Tori quits

Kenny  quit  Kenny says he wanted to get out as quick as possible ~ he thinks he is all that but he is not

Katie says she is going to try and do better then the rest

Adam quits

Eric quits ~ he says he quit because his limbs were turning purple.  I still think he quit early, but he tried at least

Medic says Robin has trouble breathing and is gettign confused so they make her quit

Katie quits... she says she is going in the gauntlent any ways  she does not care

teams are 5 to 5

Paula quits

Diem quits of course they show little Diem trying to warm up with all the blankets and everyone rubbing on her

EV quits

Evan quits and leave Danny to win for the Vets

Danny is working a deal to have the rookies save him if he quits and Frank does not want to do it

The rookies can probably win... but I think why not keep danny you can get rid of CT, Evan, or Kenny you know they will keep Eric

CT is pissed as he thinks Danny is doing something shady  . . ..  Danny is not stupid he knows he will be thrown in the gauntlent

Danny has to go every time... now they are up to staying 10 seconds each time.... he ends up quiting

Danny comes crawling out and Evan is saying he should get an academy award for his acting

Evan says he shot himself in the foot as they do not trust him... then Evan tells the other guys that he is not part of the team and not to talk to him ~ are they high school kids?

Frank tells them Danny was trying to get a deal to save himself

Danny says he was not creating a deal he was just making it look good

Katie says they do not need to deliberate I am going in the gauntlent... I am not stupid

Rookie girls make it to the finals

Rookies are picking someone Katie can beat and are planning to help her  They same Diem and put Paula into the gauntlent

THe Vets will not even talk about who to go in the gauntlent.  For all their talk, Katie had to volunteer, the bunch of Wusses!

They get sliders, the puzzle so who know what will happen

Paula is nervous and Evan is saying they could be shooting them self in the foot

Katie will have help from Frank

Paula from Ev and Adam

They are close to each other

Paula wins with help from the whole Vets team ~ Jerk

Katie thanked Frank

Adam tried to hug Katie and she walked away

Katie tried but I think they should have thrown more guy gauntlents if they knew they were  throwing the girls

THey are all fighting with Danny about trying to get  a deal

Danny is saying he did not saying he asked to be saved

Frank thinks he has all the power and is stirring the pot... he is dumb he could have said I will save you but you have to throw the guy mission

Danny does not want to leave 12 hours before the final challenge

THey are being stupid shoving food in there mouth

Frank is getting in CT's drunk face  Trying to get him to punch him

Adam gets in between them to try and clam them down.  CT says is a punk like in Paris  then pours beer on Adam.  Eric is getting in front of Adam as he is ready to go at CT now

Kenny is now calling CT trash

Diem comes out to talk to CT.  He is all up in arms.  Tells her he wants to be angry he wants to hurt someone

Frank tells adam if he will throw the challenge they will put in CT


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