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Don't forget, tonight is the first night of Celebrity Mole Hawaii on the Game Show Network. It is airing at 9 PM Cental Time, thats 10 Eastern

After the season of Celebrity Mole is finished, we move on to The Mole 2, with host ANDERSON COOPER!

Watch it so they continue to play the episodes!


Rob, are you saying there is a new Mole starting tonight? and it is on a different channel? (I'm a little slow)

LOL. No, you are not slow. I should have typed more. LOL

No. GSN has gotten the rights to replay old seasons of The Mole. They are basiclly playing re-runs of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii (Where Kahty Griffen won).

After they are done with that season they will play The Mole 2: The Next Betrayal, then the first season of The Mole.

This is only the second time in the history of Reality TV that a entire season is being re-run. If you remember, the first season of Survivor was re-run during the Olympics of 2000. CBS wanted to compete with NBC with Survivor vs. the Olympics!


 :( I don't get that channel Rob..

Me either Puddin.... Oh well... I guess I'll wait for the Mole to start a new season... (hopefully?_)


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