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The Winners Are!!!!!


Zach and Flo

I can't believe they actually won.  It's amazing how just a day earlier she was willing to throw in the towel.  

I have never really been pissed off before about a winner of a Reality TV Show. I wansn't even that mad when Richard Hatch won Survivor I. But, I am as mad as ever that Flo won $500,000 for being bitchy to poor Zach. He should get the full $1 Million for just putting up with Flo the whole way and she should get NOTHING! Oh well

I agree, Rob & Mama...

I have no problems with Zack winning... the fact that his team did, even with flo as a partner is amazing in itself...

Now, on the other hand... (I'll stop now... I usually post under the rule of "if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all")


I agree with you all.  I was very pleased that Zac won especially when Flo had pretty well given up the day before.  It just goes to show, never give up!  I definitely did not want Teri and Ian to win.  I found them so obnoxious especially Ian.  I can hardly wait for the next race to start.  My co-workers brother saw the Amazing Race team in Vancouver last month which means they were either scouting out the place or figuring out what the road block, etc. would be.  How exciting.  :)


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