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Gauntlent 3 2/27/2008

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Now they are neck and neck with the vets.  They better hurry

WOW Vets actually won

They are blaming Nehamaih

The Vets should have lost that .  Nehamaih really sucked at the questions.  But the rookies should have dug faster and helped more when they were out.

Saving Ryan

sending in Frank again to the guanlent.

Tori is happy they lost this challenge because frank is going in.  makes you wonder if she was slowing down on the dig

MJ says he is fresh.  Nehamaih said he tried 175%.  Frank wants to go against Nehamaih.  You know Tori will try and veto that.  Nehamaih said he shoudl go in based on teh challeng....then commercial

Rookies send in MJ because they think he can take out Frank.

New game Ankle breaker game

MJ says it sounds athletic so he should be okay

Tied by ankle and 3 ft rope they have to get to the finish line.  Half way across there it a  rope  that will help you .

Frank settles in and let's MJ get tired.  Frannk digs a hole and waits and then MJ gets tires and Frank makes his move

MJ can not believe that he is losing.

MJ giving it 110%

It was a hard challenge

Tori is pissed.

I hate to see MJ go home, but that is the way it goes

MJ says he a better competitor and he does not think the rookies will win

Ev wants to go to the guantlent against Coral

Coral comes out and catchs them talking adn says are you talking about me and Ryan says yes

Next week Coral confronts Evan about them wanting to lose to put her in the guantlent

Next week should be really good

Thanks for the recaps your the best  :jam:

Glad you are reading. 


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