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Gauntlent 3 2/27/2008

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Well tonight is the night, another challenge show.  Missed first 10 minutes but hopefully that was just recap of last week

I did not hear the rules but it looks like they have to hold a pole and push the other team across a line.  That put 7 vets against 4 rookies.  They could not throw the challenge easily.  The Vet girls started questioning the guys.  The Vet girls push the rookies girls around easily.

Vets are sending in Melinda ~ Danny is pissed.  They save Rachel.

Melinda tells them if you do not put who I want in then i will throw evey mission.  The rookies are pissed at her announcement.  They guys say they do not respect her.  She wants to go against Jillian and Ryan says no that would be 4 times and Johanna says she wants to go against her.  They end up telling Tori she needs to step up and come back a winner.  **remember the remaining rookie girls 3 are from Austin**

THe get ball brawl and then Tori says she is not going to compete.

She says she does not want to go back to her rookie team.  Danny is like cool go home, that keeps her girl in.  Brad walks over to Tori and says why would you give up and walk away that is stupid.  Tori says that is my best friend adn Brad says yeah it sucks.  Tori is just running all over Melinda.  Tori give Melinda  the 3rd ball.

Melinda sucks at this challenge.  She looked so weak.  I know it was hard.  Now she is crying uncontrollable.

Melinda says Danny is her rock and is ready to spend the rest of her life.

Tori is pissed says she is not happy with the win.  Her team should give her a red jersey.

Danny said her best friend stabbed her in the back.  He started trashing Johanna and she caught him

Jillian and Tori got into it and Tori said she will start throwing challenges.  She started screaming at MJ and Jillian.  Jillian told her she was imature that she went in because she had no heart in the challenge today.  She wanted to save her legs and arms for th gauntlent.  Tori said I will take you, you want to go right now.  I will throw the challenge and kick each of you off.  I want to sit out the next challenge and send a guy in.

Tori says she will stop throwing missions when Frank goes home.

CT is drunk and running his mouth.  Tries to start in with MJ, and MJ was going to take his crap.

challenge I did you

THey have to be buried in coffins.  One digger has to answer a question and then can start digging the boxes.  They will be buried 2 ft in the sand.

Rookies have 6 less players.

Katie is freaking out she is shaking and crying.  tori is scared and Ryan is too.  I think Katie is the worst, I hope Even gets her out first.  How Evan talked them into him digging and not CT.  I think this would freak me out too.  I wonder if you can imagine just taking a nap.

Nehamaih is the digger for the Rookies.

Looks like they have a camera in the coffin.

THey guys are missing the quesiton to dig people out.

Brad out

Evan is doing well. Nehamiah is missing alot of the questions

THey keep leaving Ryan I guess not knowing he is freaking out and this is his worse fear.  They are trying to get the girls out first.

Vets have most of their people out and the rookies have 6 less people.

Frank is like the Vets are so much better then we are it is not even funny.


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