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One tree hill fans?


so does anyone watch it other then me??

if so....then i hope payten and lucas get back together.

Hey Krissi!!!

I don't REALLY watch One Tree Hill for myself!!! *wink*  I only watch it because its my youngest daughter's favorite show.

Peyton has gone off the deep end!!! Although she and Lindsey sort of buried the hatchet when they were locked in the library together, I believe she still hates her, and blames her for stealing Lucas from her. Really, Peyton has nobody to blame but herself, and her own insecurities, for losing Lucas!!!

If Lucas has any brains, he needs to stick with his proposal to Lindsey!!! But of course, these soap operas never let anyone or any couple stay happy and together for very long!!! Look at Nathan and Haley!!!


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