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Gauntlent 3 2/20/2008


Tonight is a new episode and the Vet guys were scheming to get rid of some of the Vet girls.  Will be interesting to see how it turns out.   I see alot of people reading the posts about the episodes, no one wants to chat about the show  :duno:

Sorry everyone thigns came up and I missed most of the show, i will have to wait on the rerun of it.  I know Beth went home and Derek went home.  But do not know all the drama and did not see the gauntlent between beth and Coral.

Wow the guys throw the mission and the girls did not have a clue.  They better watch those boys.  Coral was pissed as she told many of the guys not to put her against Beth.  And they put Beth against Coral.  She was Pissed and said she realizes that she is more alone then she thought.  They played Ball brawl and it was a face in the sand tough fight.  Coral came out on top.  Sounded like Coral and Beth actually got along.  Beth said they agreed who ever stayed would give them Hell.  I hope Coral sticks to it as they will be good drama.

The guys challenge they had to run across a beam as medicine balls were thrown at them.  The Vet guys fell 3 times and teh vet girls only fell 1.  this means they won.

The rookies had Ryan against Derek.  and plaqyed puzzle or sliders.  Derek could not figure out the puzzle and his team mates were not close to help him.  The Vets were helping Ryan figure out his puzzle.    Ryan beat Derek and sent him home.  Paula was not happy as they had become close. Interesting that they lost a big tough guy.


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