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The Newest season of Survivor will start filming in Gabon, Africa May 11, 2008.

Wezzie has mentioned Africa in this thread back on 1/31, she has very good sources and is famous in her own right :)

Kiwi Jay:
but would they call it West Africa or what cause we have already had Africa once ??

Survivor have been in Panama three times ( i think it is enough). If they are not going to Africa again, i would i like to see them go to India, Jordan or Greece.

Reality Rehash:
The new place they are said to be going, Gabon, looks rather interesting. It looks like a mix of the best of all locations, it has a very tropical feel but still has native African wildlife such as elephants roaming around. I could just be the best location yet in my opinion since it has all the best qualities of several other locations.


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