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Gauntlent 3 2/13/2008

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Tongith is another night of the guantlent.  I missed the first 15 minutes.

The first challenge was pushing you car though the sand moving boards to help you the vets were losing.  So they give up on the boards and jsut pushed it through the sand and won.

Melinda gets hit in the head and has to go to the hospital.  So she is saved from the guantlent. 

THey save Johanna and send in Janelle.  Janelle wants to go against Jillian and Frank has a fit.  So the rookies get in a heat fight over Frank thinking Jillian should not have to go to the Guantlent again.

OHH and MJ comes into the game to replace Tyrie going home.  So they got another big guy.

Kenny says poor Jillian... suck it up and go in

THey are playing ball brawl

Nehamiah says 2 girls fighting over a football

Janelle says she KNOWS not thinks she had Jillian beat.  She is bigger.

They get to the ball at the same time Janelle 1 point

Jillian makes a move and runs right pass Janelle

Jillian got the ball Janelle tries to stop her and they fight and Jillian gets anotehr point

Jillian out ran Janelle each time but could not  tackle her

Frank okay with Janelle going home slow and not that good

TJ says Jillian i do not think they will call you out again

Janells leaves saying she could have beat her

Melinda has a concussion and was dehydrated.

Frank thinks it is BS and they need to send someone from Austin home

CT talking about trimming the fat  by getting rid of the girls..  The Vet guys want to throw a girls challenge

Rookies say they have no one to hold them back they have trimmed the fat

The guys are watching through the window as Jillian and Frank kissing

Next challenge Man over board

Have to get people across the plank   with up to 5 on a team

Each heat they have to get across

Several Vet girls are scared of height

Players have to drop off afte each heat

They will combine each heat

Melinda is scared that she might die if she hits the water wrong

First heat 3:29 for Rookies

Vet heat 3:07

Rookies  3:02

Vet  going up with Casey who is terrified... she peed on the block as soon as she gets us

Vet 2:50

Kenny you girls suck and are useless

Rookies  3:13

They are all pulling to get Eric in teh life jacket

Vets 1:48

WOW that was amazing!!!

rookies 9:46

Vets 7:45

Vets win

Vets saving Ryan  and putting in Frank

Now Rookies will decide who goes in

Jillian says Frank would go against.....


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