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Gauntlent 3 2/6/2008

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Tonight is a new episode.  I saw commericals yesterday were it looks like it is focusing on Brooke.  And they say the Vets are winning so much that the rookies should jsut go home.  This must mean the vets loose at least one.

I will try and update the show like last week, feel free to post a comment during the show or after the show.  The more people talking the better this forum will be.

Well here we go!  We start off with Evelyn and Brooke talking about their relationship and Brooke tells Ev that if she had a Dick she would be perfect.  Eve was like you are trying to make a name for yourself be kissing the lesbian.

THen we go to the Vet girls talking about what they wanted to do if they have to go into a gauntlent.  Coral wants to be able to pick who she goes against.  Beth hopes they do not lose soon as she thinks she will go into the gauntlent.

THe challenge  is called soaker.  They have to put on clothes from the clothes line run down the beach to the ocean and then bring the soaked clothes to a person that will put them on the clothes line that will be pulled down the a ringer who will ring out the clothes and then put them back on a clothes line to get the person another set of clothes to run to get soaked again.  THey keep going until the first team fills a bucket with water.

Brooke wants to be a soaker and ther team said no because she sucks!  The show her and Johanna fighting about it when we go to commercial.

Seems strange that no one sits out on these challenges. some of these are an avantage to more players and some are not an advantage

Jillian says Brooke is crazy.  They are all fighting and Brooke is feeling left out... But I agree she has not done much to prove she can do it.

Start and the clothes go on.  Beth is a puller

Ryan is a saoker
even a soaker
Derek a wringer
Paula a sacker
CT a soaker
TRyrie a wringer
Adam a soaker
Coral a wringer
Diem a soaker
Eric a wringer

VETS win!!!!

Tyrie is pissed.  Say 1/2 inch away from winning

Vets go to deliberate  Brooke figures she is going into the gauntlent and says she is screwed.  Well she is looked at as weak and she was just fighting with her team mates

THe Vets send in Jillian to the gauntlent.  And Save Tori.  They know the rookies are going to send in Brooke so they try to put someone that Brooke can beat.  They want to keep Brooke in the game since she is uncordinated.  THen next time the can save Brooke again as they can not save the same person two times in a row.

The rookies send in Brooke.  And they say she has 70 pounds on Jillian so she needs to prove she can be there.  Brooke apologies for her out break.

Ev does not want Brooke to leave.

They are playing ball brawl.  SHould be interesting to see

THey have to run for 5 balls one at a time.  THey first on to 4 points  wins.  THey then have to run to the end zone to score

Frank says Jillian has it because she is faster.  CT says brooke has more weight and should be able to tackle Jillian to keep her from scoring.  Jillian says she has got it because she is faster

They start and it shows Jillian with the ball and Brooke might be tackling her or might not.


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