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Gauntlent 3 1/30/2008

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Okay tonight is episode 2.  Wonder what kind of drama there will be tonight?  Will the Vet guys throw the challenge to get rid of some of the girls?

I actually like these shows better than Road Rules and Real World alone.  Maybe because I get to see a variety of people from different seasons.  They argue more because they all clash.  The vets always argue the most.  Most of them were the Bad Asses on the other R/R Challenge.  I think that one was the Inferno.

I agree I like the challenges better then the shows.

Okay today's episode started with Neahmaih arguing with Beth.  Saying he did not appreciate that she was implying at the last challenge that they hooked up.  He is also saying that Beth is following him like a puppy dog.  And then calls her out about her witch laugh.  All while other people are standing around listening and then laughing at her.

Well the challenge was Screw you.  They had to do in pairs to screw a large wing nut then cargo net then 2 more wing nut and climb a latter to the finish line.  The vet do girl guy while the rookies decide to do all the guys then all the girls to get a head start.  Will Nehamiah and Derek the big rookie guys go first.  And they start off and then quickly get behind.

The Vets win.  they protect Brooke ~ who was having a hard time in the challenge.  They send in Jillian.  Frank is not happy

Jillian picks Angel to go against her in the challenge.

Now they are all fussing that their are alliances and foul play.

They are going to play ram it home

Ram it home is like a big football dummy that the girls have to get on each side and push the other person into the wall behind them. 

Angel thinks she has this one since she is 10 pounds heavier then Jillian.  Jillian says it is up to who is more tenatious and wants to win.


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