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CBS Fantasy League

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Doesn't mean I won't be spoiling Lill  :angel: :kuss:

Yes, we will miss you, puddin!  Have fun not playing the games!

I forgot about the cbs fantasy game.  If I have time, after trying to figure out a boot list for Lancer's Extreme pool, I might join you at cbs.

Rorys clan:
 :yess: I think the new CBS game looks like it got the bugs out. I like the comments on the opening page about which survivors we SHOULD have picked and how they scored. Let's keep out fingers crossed.  :tup:

They may have got most of the bugs worked out but are they going to get the leader board up and running.  We can't even click into our tribes to see everyone's scores. 


Any more high scoring members want to join?   :jam:

Tribe Name: realityfanforumplayers 
Rank Player Name Score
 1  geraldford11  667 
 2  surviiivor1  657 
 3  geo1bar2  644 
 4  shanghilill  555 
 5  Taylor5747  543 


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