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Rorys clan:
 :jumpy: :wohoo:
It's back and running again. I'm already registered. Last season I got in one week late and still finished 2nd in my league, well back of the overall leader. Now just have to get into RFF's and life will be good :tup:
When will that be up? :duno:

We haven't decided who's going to run the game yet Rory but it will be ready soon :)

I've got my cBS team selected also.  Do we have enough active members who would want to join a private tribe? 

If Im can get through today without joining any games I'm home FREE!! and I have to say it feels darn good!  :wohoo:

Good Luck everyone  :jumpy:

 :waves: I went and started a private tribe..even though this is the game that drove millions of us crazy  :pull with their weird and bizarre system of rewardng points etc. Maybe they'll get this one right. Yea I know..I'm :crazy:

If anyone is interested in joining the name is:

Tribe Name:

Good luck Puds in staying away from the games..bravo to you girl!  :yess:

You're sure gonna be missed though  :'(


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