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Fantasy Survivor Game...Tribe ReFaForu *maybe spoilers*

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Oh man!  That's amazing!  Congrats Jonnal!
And Good Job to our tribe for making it to #2!!!!!!!!!


--- Quote from: jonnal on May 14, 2008, 02:04:14 AM ---Yup Ruday as s1 said our scores as a tribe immediately shot up and we were finishing higher every week and even had 3 1st place finishes. We were discussing so freely and everyone could get the picks so easily! So the full credit must go to you! You deserve an award!
:yourock: :partie: :rulz: :weights :congrats: :thankyou: :beer2: :wtg: :smartass

--- End quote ---
:lol:  Well I don't know about an award, but actually.... :angel:
....I could use a few million bucks!  :lol:


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