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Lance's Survivor Pick'Em is up for Season 16

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Oh yes, I was looking for that question...Thanks for the clearing up! :tup:

lance is a good guy and had a great game.

Yeah that Texan!  He is always prompt, and if he can't post the results the same night the show airs, he posts a note to let us know.  If you ever need to ask questions, you can be sure of a quick answer! :tup: 


:congrats:  Alan #1!  Great job, Team! :wtg:

Rank  O/A  Player Name  Total Points  Rank Change 
1 1 Alan  1550 -
2 5 peach  1480 -2
3 11 LuvRudy  1425 -3
4 15 meatballs  1340 -
5 32 Shanghilill  885 -

I really messed up b/c I forgot to change from Cirie to be booted first to Natalie. :groan:  Blame it on being preoccupied with Mother's Day.   

(I wish cbs would schedule Survivor on the 3rd Sunday of May, NOT Mother's Day!  Maybe I'll write to cbs about it.)

:congrats: to cinni and Alan for their top scores in Extreme Pool!  Great job!  :yess:

1 Malcolm Reynolds 143 
1 snuffles 143 
3 Betty Suarez 142 
3 meatballs 142
5 Alan 141


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