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--- Quote ---The region's most massive multi-continental race has gone round the world and back again - for you! Asia's most amazing adventure and reality show is calling for racers - in the highly-awaited third season of AXN's biggest Original Production, The Amazing Race Asia 3. And if you think that Season 2 was a tough race, be prepared for a harder race yet in Season 3!

The Amazing Race Asia, the Asian version of the Emmy Award-winning The Amazing Race, will once again send teams of two through the planet's most exciting locales and experiences and straight to starlet status. A host of exciting pit-stop prizes and of course, the grand prize of US$100,000 awaits the first couple that crosses the finishing line.

Who among us can aspire to this winner's status? Answer: anyone at all!
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--- Quote ---Says Ricky Ow, General Manager of SPE Networks - Asia, "The cast of Season 2 has clearly shown that this is not a race for the faint-hearted. The drama you see on TV are all real - the crying, shouting, fighting, and panic attacks - nothing is scripted or planned. These are real people showing real emotions, whether they are experienced showbiz people or not, nothing prepared them for such intensity in front of the camera."

He continues, "But what they gain out of the whole experience is something that money cannot buy. The adrenaline rush, the chance to travel around the world, doing things they never thought they would ever attempt, conquering their lifelong fears... this Race has it all. We are looking for people with the drive, determination and curiosity to explore this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And to make it even more exciting, we are making the new Race the hardest one yet, so only the team with the most perseverance will triumph."

So what are you waiting for? Here is your chance to get out of the rat race into a real amazing race. Register for The Amazing Race Asia 3 NOW!

Registration is from 23 January to 25 February 2008. All interested participants are to submit their applications in teams of two, and must be living and/or working in Asia (excluding Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East). All contestants are required to be aged 21 and above, must speak English, as well as possess both a valid international driving licence and an international passport.

How to register?
Entry forms can be downloaded from from 23 January 2008, 6.00pm Singapore time, and need to be sent in together with a 3-minute video to the address stated on the website. All information on the race can be found on, and enquiries can be addressed to

All applications must be submitted by 25 February 2008, 6.00pm Singapore time. There will be strictly no extension after that date, so hurry and sign up now for the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime!
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I wonder if they'll have Racers Revealed. Can't wait!

TARAsia Fan:
I hope this means TARA3 will be coming up in the summer.

No, they mostly show Amazing Race Asia after the first episode of the newest season of Amazing Race (US).

I just hope they cast real people and not local celebs or God forbid another set of mug crazy mactors. I hope Mr. Michael McKay takes a page from TAR12 and look for eclectic, interesting people among the piles of SUBMITTED audition tapes by FANS of the show. Thank you.  :-*


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