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Is anyone else saving this?


Is anyone else saving this to watch once all of the episodes have aired?  That's what I've been doing, so I've been too afraid to read any threads here for fear of spoilers.

I like to hang onto the series for when I'm having real Amazing Race withdrawl.

So tell me... without giving away anything, is it as good as the first season?

How many episodes total will air?  I've downloaded 9 so far.

TARAsia Fan:
This season is not as good as TARA1, but there have been good moments. I have my issues with one team and as soon as you start watching, you'll know who they are.

kilarney, it's a very difficult standard to ask for a season to be "as good as ARA1. ARA2 is not close in comparison. It is good enough that I recommend that you keep watching it(which you were going to do anyway).

Uh... somebody forgot the sub-forum  ;D

This is only the second season of TAR Asia.  I was just wondering how season 2 compared to season 1.

Yeah, I have been downloading the episodes to watch once the season is finished (to get over my TAR withdrawal) in case cycle 13 is summer or fall of next year.


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