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Okay these spoilers are from the Real world road rules blog adn as they said on their site, these are unconfirmed and we will not know until the show airs.

HEre are a few

Evelyn and Brooke are dating

Apparently the rookies win

sounds liek lots of myspace pages have tons fo pictures from challenges.

Tori from viewers revenge was a party animal and started dating Brad
Myspace pages from real world road rules blog

Tori's myspace

Brooke's my space

Johanna's wmy space

Okay on the group page for RW RR on myspace here is another spoiler ~ again not confirmed, but the first one is correct.

First 5 gone

johnn ~ I assuem this should be Johnny as it is a guy gauntlent
Brooke  ~ rumored to have gotten hurt and that is why she left

Okay Tyler went home 3rd so I wonder if this spoiler just had them flipped and Johnny goes home next week.  Could be why there is drama with calling out CT, the Vets finnally lose.

Okay the first 5 are right... but brooke went home because she lost the challenge not because she hurt her leg.

Okay here are more spoilers thanks to rw/rr blog

Gauntlet III: Elimination order and who defeated who: DO NOT LOOK UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW.  You have to highlight with your mouse

1. Alex (Eliminated by Nehemiah)

2. Angel (Eliminated by Jillian)

3. Tyler (Eliminated by Frank)

4. Brooke (Eliminated by Jillian)

Rumor between Gauntlet 4 and Gauntlet 5, Tyrie quit the challenge. It is thought that he left for family reasons, but it is also believed that he quit because he got along so poorly with other men like Evan, CT, and Kenny. Regardless, he left and was replaced by MJ.

5. John (Eliminated by Evan)

6. Janelle (Eliminated by Jillian)

7. Zach (Eliminated by ?)

8. Beth (Eliminated by Coral)

9. Derek (Eliminated by ?)

10. Melinda (Eliminated by Jillian)

11. MJ (Eliminated by Frank)

For reasons you will read further below, Coral left the Challenge.

12. Casey (Eliminated by Ev)

13. Ryan( Eliminated by ?)

14. Katie (Eliminated by Paula)

15. Danny (Eliminated by ?)

The final Veteran team consisted of Adam, Brad, CT, Eric, Evan, Kenny, Diem, Ev, Paula, and Robin.
The final Rookie team as of the information I have now consisted of Frank, Nehemiah, Jillian, Johanna, Rachel, and Tori.

As you can see by the eliminations list, the Veterans slaughtered the Rookies in the missions, but shockingly the Rookies won the final mission.

Gauntlet III: Alliances, Drama, Etc.:

There was a large cross alliance between the two teams. The Veteran Males, aligned with the "Katie Clique" consisting of Katie, Robin, and Diem were apparently in agreement with a sort of "Austin Alliance" led mainly by Johanna containing Rachel, Tori, Melinda, and Nehemiah. This would explain why so many people, i.e. Jillian and Frank, went into the Gauntlet multiple times. Paula was also protected by the Veteran alliance most likely due to John's influence, and Casey was well liked and Ev was most likely kept because she was a great performer as always.

Here's a shocker: Beth didn't get along with the rest of the Veteran team, but actually more surprising is that Coral was at odds with them as well. The Veteran males hated them and even threw missions to get the opportunity to send to them to the Gauntlet. Beth and Coral formed an alliance and even a possible friendship as a result. Coral was supposedly very upset when the Veteran team voted Beth into the Gauntlet against her, either due to bonds of friendship or because Coral feared losing to Beth. Either way, Coral ended up sending her home, but when she was voted into the Gauntlet a second time she became fed up with her team's social dynamic and quit.

This was supposedly the worst experience both Beth and Coral have ever had on a challenge. Katie also allegedly became furious with her team when they voted her in to the final girls' Gauntlet after she had had their back for so long, and melted down in a manner similar to the Katie of the Inferno I and the Gauntlet I. Johanna on SpeakReality was referred to as "the new Kina" as she basically called the shots on the Rookie team. Brooke supposedly didn't like that much.[

Gauntlet III: Random Rumors:

Beth and Nehemiah supposedly got into a heated argument on camera. Tenderoni was permanently dissolved.

John supposedly played some sort of role in getting Tyler voted into the Gauntlet.

Tyrie did not get along very well with most of the Veteran Males, especially CT, Evan, and Kenny. As stated above, he may have left the challenge because of this.

Friendships and alliances definitely held more gravity into Gauntlet votes than actual performance. The guys on the Veterans wanted to eliminate as many girls not in their alliance as possible, which led to huge friction between them and Beth/Coral. Coral's friendship with Evan ended as a result of this.

Tori was supposedly very different than she was on Viewers' Revenge: it has been suggested that she was a party girl who was very sexual, and very open about it.

CT and Adam got into an argument that allegedly ended with CT pouring beer over Adam's head.

Gauntlet III: Hookups:

Brooke and Ev did hooked up!
Brad and Tori hooked up.
Derek and Paula hooked up.
Frank and Jillian hooked up.
CT and Diem continue to hook up.


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