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Okay I have been a slacker and have not put inforamation up about the Gauntlet 3.  Better late then never.  Starts tonight  1/23/2008 at 10 E/9C on MTV.  I saw previews last night and there looks to be lots of hook ups and drama.

Here is the Cast

Beth S. (Los Angeles) :boot:
Coral (Back to New York)
Adam (Paris)
CT (Paris)
Brad (San Diego)
Robin (San Diego)
Danny (Austin)
John (Key West) :boot:
Paula (Key West)
Katie (The Quest)
Casey (Fresh Meat)
Diem (Fresh Meat)
Eric (Fresh Meat)
Evan (Fresh Meat)
Ev (Fresh Meat)
Kenny (Fresh Meat)


Frank (Las Vegas)
Johanna (Austin)
Melinda (Austin) :boot:
Nehemiah (Austin)
Rachel (Austin)
Janelle (Key West) :boot:
Tyler (Key West) :boot:
Zach (Key West) :boot:
Alex (Denver)  :boot:
Brooke (Denver):boot:
Jillian (Extreme)
Ryan (Fresh Meat)
Angel (Viewers' Revenge) :boot:
Derek (Viewers' Revenge) :boot:
Tori (Viewers' Revenge)
Tyrie :boot:

WOW that is a cast.  lots that will provide drame, lots I do not know. 

Will update more later.  I know some of you will be watching with me.  Let's caht.

Oh I totally can't wait!!!  I better set my DVR since I can't seem to stay awake past 9pm anymore since my kids wake me up before the crack of dawn...LOL! 

Looks like from the previews that Danny and Melinda aren't together anymore?? 
Are CT and Diem still together??  Pretty soon this is going to be a whole inbred group!  LOL! 

But I have to say, I'm about over seeing Beth on challenges...or at least the Beth/Coral combo...

Moved my update to it's own thread. 

Alex was elminated 1/23/2008  Next will be a girls gauntlent


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