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Congratulations TK & Rachel Winners of TAR12!!

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^^ Doesn't look like it anymore.

                                  TK and Rachel!!


--- Quote from: Mama2MyBoys on January 20, 2008, 09:12:14 PM ---I was so happy it was not Ron and Christina!!!

But I was sad for Nick/Don though I think they can be happy that they went farther then alot of people thought they could go!
--- End quote ---
:ythat:   Nick n' Don certainly did a fantastic job considering the age factor.  Ol Don just kept going, and Nick helped him when needed.  They worked together real good.  Overall, they rocked, IMO! 
I'm happy for TK and Rachel & Ron/Christina though.  This was the best F3 ever.
They each got along nicely, worked together and made the ending a very pleasant experience.  I clapped/cried at the end as each of the three came in. 
TAR 12 rocked!!  :wohoo: :jumpy:  God bless 'em all! :hugs:

Rainbow Cruises sends a shout out and congratulations to T.K. and Rachel for winning TAR 12.


It was awesome!  I think that's the way EVERY Race should end...with a really hard (long) challenge/puzzle, so the smartest team can def win instead of leaving it up to crappy taxi drivers or missing a flight. 

I'm SOOo happy TK and Rachel won...I cried...real tears!  LOL! 


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