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Mole Marathon on Today (Saturday)

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On your favorite channel  :lol: - Fox Reality

My Dig Cable is saying it's on until 6pm (EST) tonight.  It's a real season with Anderson, not celebs. 

I'm watching it now, it's Season 1.  I have the DVD anyways...

Aww drat, I did not see this until I read your Mole news article awhile ago, Mark!  But the good news is I now have in my possession, 3 dvds from netflix to watch in the next few days. 
I thought The Mole was going to air starting in April, but just read it'll be in the summer.  Whenever, I'm looking forward to it! 

Wonder if they've found a host yet?  I think the guy who does Beauty & the Geek would be good.  Or Mark.  Yeah, Mark.  I nom YOU for The Mole host, how bout it?  :lol:   :kuss:

Ha, me as the host?  I don't know, Ruday...

Aww c'mon Mark, you could do it!!  Send in an application!

I watched Season 1 this weekend and it was even greater than I remembered!  Really really enjoyed it.  :yess:
 I don't understand why The Mole couldn't have continued except that Anderson got his job with CNN.  He was an awesome host, & hard to replace, but surely another great one could've been cast. 


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