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My curse prevails once more! *spoiler*

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As many of you know, in recent posts I have proclaimed my "like" for Nate and Jen...Now, this might have seem strange to some people who heard my comments towards them in earlier episodes... mama pointed out, I HAVE PROVED THAT MY CURSE IS REAL!

Bowling moms - Didn't win
Colin and Christie - Didn't win
Rob and Amber -Didn't win
Kris and Jon - Didn't win
Eric and Jeremy - Didn't win
Dustin and Kandice - Didn't win
Dustin and Kandice again - Didn't win
Kynt and Vyxsin - Didn't win

and WHAT, I begin to say I would like to see Nate and Jen win because they make me laugh and poof -- they are eliminated in the next episode.

All I can say is: GO RACHEL AND TK.

How about you root 100% for Ronald & Christina, instead.

TARAsia Fan:
Good job, Michael. Now I know it was totally your fault that the Beauty Queens didn't win.  :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:


if only I had known about this gift back then.

TARAsia Fan:
Even though Ron & Christina are my Asian Brother and Sister, I ask that you root for them so either Nic & Don or TK & Rachel win.


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