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Amazing Race Winners ARE!!! being brought to NYC for an Early Show appearance

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--- Quote from: Boingo on January 12, 2008, 10:29:53 PM --- :groan:  So, given no racers going to TES (and NYC), does that mean that TARCON 12 will be super boring?   :angel:  Won't the TWoP crowd be pissed, to say the least.  Wow, imagine spending $75 and plane fare to watch the finale on a wide screen TV in a bar in NYC, without meeting the racers. 
--- End quote ---

As someone who has gone to two of them, (not going this time due to work), I can assure you that the vast majority of that crowd isn't going solely for racers as they know by now that isn't a guarentee and never really was.   For me, I went because I got to hang with people who share the same excitement for the show and came out of the experiences as having a new set of friends.  So TARAsia Fan, I'm asking you to have lots of fun for me and enjoy the Stitch drinks. 

As for TES, that is pretty dissapointing.  But seeing how CBS has treated this show in the past, including thinking that "Viva Laughlin" was worth airing and NOT having TAR13 ready to go, nothing surprises me at this network anymore.

I am hearing that this may still be negotiable. It appears that it may be up to Shelley Ross, the new Producer of the Early Show. Polite Emails may help!


do we still use the email listed above for Shelley?

Does the lack of TES mean that TARCON XII will be boring? I doubt it. There are 8 racers who would not be on TES anywhere who would normally be at TARCON. The Final 3 might have cause to reconsider because they want to be with Chip and Kim in L.A., but why should anyone else? After all there is still the famous Miss Alli to meet. Racers can't do that anywhere else.

TARAsia Fan:
I didn't mean that I'm going solely for the racers, there a lot of people whom I am going to meet (Peach, included and you too, Yikes), just that it would have been nice to meet them. But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who attends TARCon.

Knowing the TV industry and some insiders like I do, Shelley Ross has been said to be a bit of a tyrant and when her mind is made up, there's no way to change it. If she doesn't want racers on TES, then they're not going to be there.

I don't know what CBS has planned for the check presentation. Perhaps they'll do it online or something like that.


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