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Any BBuk fan out here watching this?  It's very interesting to watch. 

They've had some very well-known celebs take over as Big Brother for the day, such as Kelly Osbourne, and Alan Cumming.  I think I remember hearing Joan Rivers is going to be one of the hijackers. 

Jeffrey Scott:
Didn't realize this was on. Thoguht they were not doing a Big Brother this winter. Or is this something different?

I wonder if they will have any twist with BB9
im watching BBUK on youtbue right now it's hilarious when kelly osborne is there

The show started last week, and the first eviction is looming.  The launch episode is definitely worth checking out, it's a hoot. 

It's a different format than the Celeb BB they had for the last few years in the winter.  It's a celebrity edition on the outside of the house, but they found some really talented (yet non-celeb) 18-22 years olds to stay in the house. 

Jeffrey Scott:
Cool, thanks for the info. I'll look this up.


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