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American Gladiators


Okay I know some of you watched the original show  *even if you do nto want to admit it*.  Last night was the premeire of the NEW American Gladiators with Host HulK Hogan and Laila Ali.  They had a 2 hour premier last night but will be on again tonight in their regular spot on Mondays at 8/7C.

They had a few new challenges and some old challenges.  In the eliminator they did not have to go against the gladiators like in the old show.

Is anyone besides me watching this show?

I have to say I watched it and LOVED IT!

Jeffrey Scott:
My kids and I watch this, and we love it. I like that they have not changed much.

I watched both nights and like it enough to overlook the HORRIBLE scripting and "acting"...and YES...guilty as charged about watching the original...but, I watched Tila Tequila, so I'll obivously watch anything...LOL!     

Are you going to watch Tila Tequila 2?  Appartently Bobby dumped her and she like Brett Michaels is back to try again.


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