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The three remaining teams race to the finish line, with the first-place pair winning the $1 million top prize. Phil Keoghan is the host.

Nicolas Fulks and Donald Jerousek/Grandson-Grandfather in the final 6  --Dubrovnik --Alaska??

Jennifer Parker and Nathan Hagstrom/Dating -- Taiwan?-- Winners? X

Girdwood, Alaska on July 29th in this thread , first brought to us by anon1akacolby and PDF documents posted by peach and the Amazing Race detectives.

anon1akacolby :
*I just received an IM from a co-worker asking me when the next TAR is going to be on.
*"yup, at least part of it was in alaska.  2 of the people who did tours my parents went on this past week particpated in part of it up there.
 one was a guide up a glacier or something like that and one drove a boat up a river that was use."
*"girdwood was the city.  she couldn't remember the name of the glacier."
*At first I took that to mean that alaska was on their way to the final destination.  But I asked her if she meant that Alaska is
Possibly the final destination.  **She said:
"i think so, she said she only remembers him mentioning 3 boats (not sure if it was 3 boats besides his or including his)."

*We know that the leg was filmed on July 29, 2007. (And since we also know that the race was completed no later than August 3 and probably a day or so earlier, that makes this one of the last possible legs.)
*The leg was filmed in the Chugach National Forest on the Twenty Mile River and on the Twenty Mile River Glacier.
*Teams travelled on the Twenty Mile River in boats provided by Glacier Jet, starting at Glacier Jets' launch site (eyewitness source).  See a sample river tour video HERE (thanks Slowhatch for the links!).  Sample River photos here.
*They did an ice climb on the Twenty Mile River Glacier with technical support provided by The Ascending Path. (link thanks to Colby!)



The Remaining Three Teams Compete in the Final Leg During the Season Finale

*The last three Teams set off on their final leg,
*as one Team that typically works well together experiences their first clash,
*and another Team misreads a vital clue that threatens their position
*In a final Amazing Race leg unlike any homestretch before it, the Racers are surprised to learn upon checkout that their next flight is their last for the entire race: the entire leg, all the way through the finish line, will play out in the city, the wilderness, by the ocean, on glaciers, and in the national parks of Alaska.
*One often combative Team comes together, while one usually cohesive Team clashes.
*One Team misreads a vital clue. Will this lead to the Team's downfall?
*After 10 cities, 4 continents, and nearly 30,000 miles, who will cross the finish line first and win the one million dollar prize?

Teams leaving the C.S.K. Memorial Hall pitstop in Taipei, Taiwan--all teams should be on the same flight

We think one of the first tasks of the day might be to retrieve a clue at the Anchorage Docks, Slowhatch provides a link here

Thanks to CBS we now know that the Ice Climb is something all teams must do and thanks to Chateau we know it is early on:
teams travel via Jet Boat to 20-mile Glacier where they will ice-climb the glacier wall to a waiting helicopter
But we already knew that thanks Colby & peach (see first post of this thread for a summary)

Chateau d if: This shot was taken here (thanks to Peach) between 8:50 and 9:30 am (assumes July 29th).
Editing would make it seem that Ron & Chris are first to this task

  Followed by Rachel & TK

Ron & Nick

Thanks to CBS we know this is one of the Detour choices :
Detour in which teams must descend into the hull of a crab boat and search among 500 crabs for one of twenty with a Race-colored target on its underbelly in order to receive their next clue

Chateau d if: This shot was taken between 9:00 and 9:33 am (assumes July 29th).

Fish cleaning, Roadblock #1? or Detour choice? Much debate about this..

It appears that Chris is holding the red roadblock clue and she is telling Ron "you can do this"

Roadblock #2? Before the finish line? Puzzle? No matter we know this is a Roadblock




    Ron/ TK/ Don watch , Ron yells "the stress is ON!"
Chateau d if:   1:32 to 2:40 pm  ( Rachel & TK taxi )

Don comes down on Nick for mis-reading a clue

running running ---------

The weekly Travel magazine of the Newark Star-Leger has this within an article:

Anchorage in April
"...April celebrations include the Sushi Cup, with crazy ski and snowboard competitions at nearby Alyeska Resort. Or catch the Arctic Man & Snow Go Classic, which combines downhill skiing with snowmobile races."

Alyeska Resort is in Girdwood.

If you read, there is a good interview with Kynt and Vyxsin. Kynt ends it with a statement that "the next 3 episodes(meaning the final 3) are all going to be "nail-biters". I can't use that word to describe what happened in Osaka, but I can apply that expectation to both Taipei and Alaska.


--- Quote from: apskip on January 07, 2008, 02:26:02 PM ---If you read, there is a good interview with Kynt and Vyxsin. Kynt ends it with a statement that "the next 3 episodes(meaning the final 3) are all going to be "nail-biters". I can't use that word to describe what happened in Osaka, but I can apply that expectation to both Taipei and Alaska.

--- End quote ---

I dunno, i found the race for first place last night to be plenty nail biting...


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