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It would be helpful if you posted their myspace links RFWill  :yaya:


--- Quote from: puddin on January 06, 2008, 11:15:14 PM ---It would be helpful if you posted their myspace links RFWill  :yaya:

--- End quote ---

Okey-dokey! I'll post 'em.

Michael's myspace link 

This guy was in a short film called The Last Supper.

Called "The Last Supper," the short film by four local lads may sound pretty pious, but donít be fooled.

Yes, itís about that last supper, but no, it isnít serious.

In fact, the film, which will be shown twice at Sundayís First Night Films program at the Museum of Fine Arts, is, um, darn funny.

"Itís a comedic version of why Judas betrays Jesus," says Michael Bortone, who grew up in Watertown and played football at Northeastern before moving to Los Angeles.

"Itís the Last Supper at a Hollywood nightclub."

(After Jesus and the Apostles walk into the club, the doorman declares: "Do you know who his father is?")

Produced by the Four Horsemen ó Bortone and buddies Joe McCluskey of Marlborough, Worcester native Jason Markarian, and Governor Dummer alum Luke Franco ó the 17-minute movie features Eliza Dushku as the famous tableís winsome waitress.

Bortone says the film, which was well received at last fallís San Diego Film Festival, will be posted online shortly.

"We want to create some buzz and get it noticed as a good movie made for cheap money," says Bortone.

"Weíre just looking to get into the game." So why did Judas betray Jesus at dinner? He got stuck with the check.

You can watch the full 16 minute film here......

Exit interview with Mikey...

--- Quote ---Reality TV World:  Do you think that the upcoming swap will bail Joel out a bit, seeing as how the Fans won't be so weak anymore with your absence?

Mikey B:  I don't think so.  To me, he's proven that he is a back stabber and that he will do anything that he can to keep himself around.  So I don't think it's going to bail him out.  If anything, I think it's going to save the older folks because they're like a token vote for anybody that wants to keep them around.  They're not dangerous at that point.
--- End quote ---


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