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Interesting comment

Another one:

--- Quote ---We can see on next week's episode that Chet is right back to his old ways, frustrating everybody in challenges. Does it make you at least a little happy that they're going to have to suffer with him for awhile?

Well, it would have if they didn't switch the tribes. It's bittersweet, you know what I mean? I want bad things to happen to all the fans in the game, but at the same time it hurts me that they weren't able to see how strong we could have been had we worked as a united tribe.

Do you think a fan has the ability to make it to the finals? I predict it's going to be all favorites, but I'm wondering what you think.

I don't think anybody on the tribe of the fans has the brains to make it to the finals.
--- End quote ---

Hmmmm...bitter much? :groan:

:whew from this article:

--- Quote ---My Hollywood insider sleuths are reporting to me this afternoon that recent “Survivor” contestant “Mikey B” only appeared on the show so that he could be on television, and didn’t care one bit about the actual competition of the game.

Mikey B, a bar manager and one-time brick mason from Boston, MA, has apparently wanted to be on TV since he was a young boy. Childhood friend and wannabe rapper “Cram N Slam” said Mikey B “Always wanted attention from the ladies but he was too fat, yo. He always wished he was famous so he could get the nappy dugout.” Now, since slimming up after college, Mikey B put away his morals and exploited the popular TV contest “Survivor,” a show that America still loves almost as much as apple pie.

Jeff Probst, whose name has become synonymous with the beloved American past time, commented that “Mikey B was a solid contestant on the show. However, if he was, in fact, only appearing on the show to achieve some sort of fame or popularity, then I would have to strongly oppose his viewpoint in order to maintain the integrity of ‘Survivor: Micronesia, Fans vs. Favorites.’”

No word yet on what Mikey B plans to do with his newfound acclaim and notoriety, but the mumbling around the Hollywood hot spots is that he is looking for an acting career, which only adds insult to injury to Probst as well as to America.

“It cuts deep when someone pretends to really be into the spirit of competition and compete at the high level that ‘Survivor’ demands and then turns around and stabs you in the back by going after some sort of celebrity status,” added Probst, “But at the same time, he did used to be a fat kid and I don’t pretend to know how awful that must be.”
--- End quote ---


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