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EP 10: Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You

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Taipei, Taiwan Date July 27? 28?

 Lynn/Alex  make an unsubstantiated claim ("we also heard from a little bird") about China, thanks to Slowhatch.

Thank you to Newbie huholah  

*My friend told me that he thinks he saw teams on the amazing race approaching Taipei 101. 
*So here it goes: around 26,27 of July as I remember- sorry I couldn’t remember the EXACT dates, he was shopping with his girlfriend in xin guang shan uiah beside Taipei 101. 
*When he was planning to shop in 101 at noon, he saw this man and women (couples) ran out of the taxi and looked up at Taipei 101. 
*He also saw 2 camera men running with them. 
*However, he found it weird that the couples did not enter the Taipei 101 and were actually waiting for someone. 
*He describes the couple as a brunette woman and a man.  He said that the man seemed very athletic and fit. 
*Since he saw that there were camera men around, he notices that this might be on TV. 
*He continued to stay for 10 minutes and another group came which he describes as another couple which consists of a blond girl. 
*He THINKS that there was an Asian team far behind or eliminated already because he was a good listener.  
*When he was walking into Taipei 101, he was literally 2 feet away from the blond racer and he heard the girl say something like “I wonder what the Asians would say if they came to this place”. 
*At first, I thought this was amazing race asia because I didn’t expect amazing race 12 to contain another asian team ever since the cho’s.  Now after the official list of teams came out, I strongly believe my friend’s sightings because there were asian teams. 
*He only saw 2 teams each holding a blue form on their hands.  

*he thinks that Lorena and Jason were in but is not sure because he could only recognize the long hair. 
*He says that he is not at all confident with what he saw with the second team. 
*He jst notices a blond woman with a man(he didnt really see the man's face). 
*He was pretty sure it was friday that he saw them because he was only advailables on fridays to go out.

*He said that he saw the first group heading the direction of getting to the top of 101-elevator.  And the second group, he didnt see because when he walked into the building the second group was still outside(possibliy asking how to get up to the tower).  I would assume there is a clue box up at the tower because I asked my frend if he saw anything else on the racer's hands, but he only saw a blue piece of paper..

*I'll ask my friend tomorrow......All I can say is..I think Taipei locatin was either 26th of July or 27th.....And since he only saw 2 teams on a spand of 10 minutes, it has to be a leg with very few teams because if it was one of the beginning legs, more than 2 teams would appear in a span of around 10 minutes.....
*my friend was not sure who he actually saw because it was 3 months ago.....he only THINKS its jenn/nathan because of the blunette hair of the woman --   huholah

Kogs -- Taipei Taiwan

schwarzmoor : Long Shan Temple, Taipei

Boingo --Taipei taxi's

Boingo--- National Theater Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan

--Taipei 101

Neobie: Danshui River biking trail in Taipei

Boingo: Sky lanterns, Taiwan

Could that be Phil when he has to eliminate Ron and Christina if they are the ones to go? He seems to like them

Sorry, Guys, I'm Not Happy to See You
*All one Racer wants for her birthday is a spot in the Final 3…will her birthday wish be granted?
*The gloves come off as one Team tries to convince an airline employee to not sell tickets to another Team. Will the employee comply?
*One team becomes the brunt of attacks and criticism from another team.

Teams go to Taipei 101, collect clue?
Teams travel by Taiwan High Speed Rail to Nantou County for the Roadblock
Teams travel back to Ximending in Taiwan where we think they might encounter the detour and or speed bump.

Roadblock Jiji Stunt Village in Nantou County, thanks to newbie Jason




Detour? or Speed-Bump? Thanks to newbie genie007, journey of 100,000 rocks...behind Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial

Rachel & TK

TARAsia Fan:
That line has Jen written all over it.

if there's an intersection and they're waiting on a team

it could be someone if they saw gramps


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