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Denise F***ing LIED about her job!!!

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Make you wonder if Denise was really lieing of the school is coviering up.  Why would she talk so bad about her school if she plans to go back.  Denise said they did not want her interupting the day and made a comment about all the 3rd graders saying hello to her.  But the school is saying she is on the night shift.  If she is on the night shift how does she see any of the kids?

I expect this is all CBS. They probably heard "now a custodian" --assumed that meant a demotion--asked her to talk about her sad story on camera --and the whole thing snowballed out of control. I'll bet it was just an exaggeration and never meant to be a deliberate lie.  But way to get an Awwwww....moment on the Finale and lots of buzz after.

well--here's what she said:

and here's what the school says:

Douglas Public Schools superintendent Nancy T. Lane released a statement about Denise Martin:

--- Quote ---“…stated that she was demoted from her position as a cafeteria worker upon her return from taping the show. This statement is false. In fact, Mrs. Martin held a full-time position as a custodian prior to her participation in the series, and she returned to this same position upon her return from China. Mrs. Martin was granted — at her request — an unpaid leave of absence so that she could participate in the ‘Survivor’ program. We were pleased and excited to support Denise, and have enthusiastically cheered her on throughout the duration of the show.

Although Mrs. Martin was a cafeteria employee prior to her selection as a contestant, she asked to be considered for a promotion to full-time custodian, and was promoted to this position on March 30, 2007. This promotion came with additional benefits and a higher salary. Following her leave, she then returned to this same position.

Regretfully, the Douglas Public School District was inaccurately portrayed as failing to be accommodating to an employee during what the District viewed as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity. This is far from the case. On the contrary, we granted all requests made by Mrs. Martin so that she could participate in the ‘Survivor’ series. Since Mrs. Martin was on an approved leave, her position was held open for her, and she returned to this same position upon her return from China. As a District, we make every effort to support our employees, and will continue to do so.”
--- End quote ---

Lane said Martin apologized Monday by phone from Hollywood. Lane wants CBS to set the record straight, and spent much of her day Monday on the phone with a lawyer for the network. She got little satisfaction.

"They did explain to me today that reality doesn’t necessarily mean factual," Lane said.

This is just sad for everyone.

  :kisses Thank you Rob for the acknowledgment.

My first impression of Denise was to bad your lifestyle is your own choice,
but seeing it's Christmas and I'm trying to be nice I had an ounce of sympathy for her.

I do however believe in Karma and the Judicial System.

If she has already cashed that check, it doesn't matter.
She will never be able to afford the legal costs and fees from Mark Burnett and CBS.

It will be interesting to hear the ending to this one.

Here is the CBS Early Show video from this AM where Denise and the school superintendent go over the facts.

Denise is very apologetic.

Turns out she did take that job before Survivor, but realized while she was away that the night shift kept her away from her family--but there was no opening available  for a return to her former position when she came back. So she really didn't exactly  lie--turns out it just wasn't the whole story. The school superintendent did a great job explaining.

A sad ending for Denise's time on Survivor. 

Moving on now...   :xmas49


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