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--- Quote from: TheCinera on December 19, 2007, 07:45:22 AM ---Australian Outback-Tina Wesson
Africa-Ethan Zohn
The Amazon-Jenna Morasca
Cook Islands-Yul Kwon

Those are my favorite winners.  Marquesas and Amazon were my favorite seasons of all time. 

--- End quote ---
I also liked Ethan & Yul! 
Did NOT like Jenna!
Loved Tom-Africa
and Rupert yaaay Rupert! Loved him! Pearl Islands.

On Marquesas, Really liked uhh...dang...forgot his name, but Gina, whom I also liked, was in the same season.  Tall blond guy.  He announces for documentaries on the History channel. 
Oh yeah...HUNTER!!!!  I was furious that Hunter & Gina got booted off early!  grrrr.   Also on Marquesas, Paschal.  Cool guy!

Gee, like puddin, I liked more than I disliked!  :cmas16

From survivorsucks:

A poster submitted the following questions for Todd and he answered them. Todd's ID on sucks is supersurvivorkid

1. If Amanda voted you off at Final 4, and the Final 3 was Amanda, Courtney and Denise, who would you have voted for? And who do you think would have won?

Courtney would have had my vote and won

2. If you had won the final immunity, who would you have voted off?


3. When were you planning on voting out James? You suggested it early on, but then seemed to drop the idea until Amanda brought it up.

You could only use the idols through 5, he would have gone then

4. Why did you let James have both immunity idols? Why didn't you tell him that if he found the other one he had to give you one back?

Didnt know it was same at zhan hu. we made a deal we were sharing the idols that wasnt shown

5. Was Amanda's ass really hanging out that much or is CBS just going crazy with the censoring lately? (Judging from this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show I'm guessing the later.)

It wasnt too bad, but it did hang out

6. Who do think were the most deserving winners? And where do you stand among them?

Sandra, Tom, Yul, me... (i can brag, my dream just came true)

7. If Amanda had voted you out at Final 4 and then won the whole thing, do you think she would have been a more deserving winner than you?

Love the girl, but nobody thought she was even playing the game. we didnt know until we watched the show... so no i dont think she had a shot.

8. Do you have any idea what the jury vote tie-breaker is?

No idea. maybe the third place becomes the final jury member

9. Do you know if Amanda knew whether or not she had won China when she was filming Half-ASS?

I'm not allowed to comment on half ass yet apparantly even though i know a bunch!! haha

10. Do you know anything about what happens on Half-ASS? Or whether Cirie is on it?

Read above please

11. I'm afraid to ask, but what's it like being a gay Mormon in Utah?

Fine. How is it not being one?

12. I thought your sister who visited you was hot. Can you hook me up?

You can kiss my little white ass first.... hehe

Ozzy, Peih-Gee & Todd

I sent a message to Todd via myspace asking him if he will be distributing autographed pictures to his fans and he responded to me today telling me he's working on that and to get back to him in a few weeks!



--- Quote from: RealityFreakWill on December 16, 2007, 10:05:05 PM ---Voted for Todd

Voted for  Courtney

Voted for Amanda

--- End quote ---

I want to let you all know that the voting breakdown above turned out to be incorrect. First of all, CBS posted the votes by mistake and from what I read on sucks and elsewhere, and since Todd regularly posts on sucks and it has been verified by Todd himself and Frosti as well and CBS has since corrected it...

Frosti VOTED for Todd.

James VOTED for Courtney.

Wasn't sure if everybody was aware of it so I thought I would update on that.


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