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Looking forward to the Finale BIG TIME! Lets discuss it here!

 :cmas4 The storm knocked out my local CBS so i can't even pick it up on UHF but luckily I have power so thats something ---imagine if I had no internet!! If the network isn't up by showtime at least I can read the boards for the play by plays then watch Survivor on the internet when they innertube it  :yess:

Breaking News
WBRE/WYOU Viewer Update
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we currently off air on both WBRE and WYOU.  We assure you we are working very hard to correct this issue, but in the mean time keep checking back to for the most up to the date news, weather, and sports coverage.

PPL Working to Restore Power to Tens of Thousands
The weight of ice and wind gusts near 50mph were too much for many trees and power lines in our region. Nearly 100,000 customers lost power at some point in the storm, with 70,000 still in the dark and cold this afternoon....

Geeze puddin...what a bad time for a storm!

I can't wait for the show to start...I don't know who I am rooting for yet...maybe Amanda, but NOT Todd! LOL

I'm excited for the finale show tonight!

Go, Todd, Go!

Damn this winter storm!   :dick  I hope my power doesn't go out tonight. 

Go Todd and Amanda!


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