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2007 Reality TV Nominees Announced!


Rob & Trevor announced on the latest Reality TV Podcast the 2007 Reality TV Award Nominations.... If you want to go check out the nominations, and vote for yourself, go to

And if you want to listen to the nomination ceremony, here is the MP3 file!


I've made my votes.  I hope you don't mind that I've voted for Talia Tequila whenever possible, even though I've never even seen the show.    It just sounds so good!

Thanks Rob! 

 :cmas16 Very good interview w/ Eric even though the player stopped/started. (I do not have DSL, unfortunately) However, AOL's media player played 1min then stopped for 1 min.  Most small players (like youtube) play for only 2 or 3 seconds...and stop for a minute or more!   :pull
Anyway, it was nice to finally listen on a player that didn't take all day/night to hear it all.  :xmas146

The interview was most informative.  I really like Eric and wish he could've gone to the end!  :cmas11

Rob and Trevor! I haven't written on here in so long, just thought I'd drop by and say hi! Hope all is well, I will try and resume listening to the podcasts again cause I miss listening to you guys. Especially Trevor's laugh. Btw Trevor, Kansas will win this year! (Don't know about you but my bracket is looking pretty good).


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