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Week 9..Omarosa is fired!!

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Fired Week 9 Omarosa!! YEAH!!! ;D

I mean, the girl had spunk. She did alot of beating around the bush and stuff, and she did know what to say to be able to play Donald Trump for the time she had been on there. But let's face it, busting through the board  :-\room door on Donald Trump is a reason in its own to get FIRED.

"I've been working for days with a concussion"   :'(  Boo Hoo Hoo.  Now tell me, did she go to the hospital and have them confirm the concussion?  NO.   Glad she's gone.  What a show.  I absolutely love it.  I love Heidi and Nick.  I think The Donald is pushing for Nick to win.

I like Nick and Amy. I think Heidi is the one who makes Carolyun mad next week. I like her, but I would not put it past the 2 of them to fight. Amorosa's concussion was a joke, but something had to be wrong with her head to barge into the board room on Mr. Trump,

The Apprentice ~Recap Week 9

March 4, 2004

The group back at the suite waited restlessly to see who would be returning and who would be fired. Although there was doubt in the air, Katrina was certain of one thing: Ereka would be coming back. Katrina had a lot of respect for Ereka and said that she was "the most sincere person" left. So when Nick and Bill entered, Katrina was so shocked that she couldn't even get up from her seat to greet her surviving teammates. Omarosa was thrilled. In an interview, Katrina said that Omarosa's joyous celebration made her sick to her stomach because Katrina believed that Omarosa should be fired.

The teams met Donald on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Trump's words, Versacorp was getting "clobbered," so once again, it was time to even up the sides. As Project Manager for Versacorp, Nick could "steal" anyone from Protégé. Without hesitation, Nick chose Amy, which drew immediate criticism from Donald. He thought that choosing Amy gave her too much power and was a "huge mistake." But Nick stuck with his choice. Then, Donald explained that for their next task, each team would meet with a group of emerging young artists and pick one whose work they would sell at a Manhattan gallery. The team that brought in the most money would win. Trump warned the teams that this would be a tough assignment as the worth of art is subjective. As usual, Carolyn and George would observe and offer their own critiques in the end.

With Kwame as Project Manager for Versacorp and Nick at the helm of Protégé, the two teams met with the same four artists. Giles was an abstract artist who put a little piece of himself into each work - literally. In all of his works, Giles embedded pieces from his body (like underarm hair or toenail clippings). Andrei was a nature-based abstract artist. Leah painted snapshots of her life - moments of people, places and things. Meghan's work was surreal and included a series that depicted two different sisters, one smutty and the other prim and proper, in a world run by frogs and their concubines.

Protégé thought that Meghan's work was bizarre (it even gave Heidi nightmares), but they focused on the bottom line. Meghan's works were priced higher than the other artists' works. Plus, she had a built-in following. Kwame said that going with Meghan was a calculated risk. Everyone was onboard - except Omarosa, who had misgivings about how provocative Meghan's work was. Omarosa did ultimately agree with the team's decision.

Versacorp was split right down the middle. Bill and Amy wanted to go with Leah while Nick and Katrina thought that Andrei was the best choice. The problem was that neither pair of team members had seen the other artist's work. So, without having seen Leah's art, Nick made the executive decision to go with Andrei. This shocked Bill and gave Amy "a sick feeling" in the pit of her stomach. But Bill and Amy went along with their Project Manager's decision.
Before the showing that night, Heidi and Omarosa got into a heated argument. Omarosa wanted to stop and have a full, sit-down meal while Heidi thought they had no time for that. Omarosa said that her head hurt again and that she couldn't keep running around like this with a concussion. Heidi was angry and felt that whenever there was a task, Omarosa's headache would appear. Heidi exploded, cursing at Omarosa. In an interview, Heidi even called Omarosa an "absolute lunatic bitch." Kwame couldn't control his arguing team members and Troy called the constant friction between the two a distracting "emotional rollercoaster."

The night of the showings got off to a depressing start for Versacorp as not a single person showed up in the first hour. But when people did arrive, the team went right to work, selling well and having a good time. The night also started off depressing for Protégé as well. Unfortunately, it stayed that way. Meghan's disturbing art was a tough sell. And it was even tougher for the admitted art novices, Troy and Heidi. Troy said that art was his "Achilles' heel." And Heidi admitted that she "messed up" on a few pieces, completely misunderstanding one, saying that it was a toilet seat cover when it was really a fireplace cover.

In the boardroom, Donald started by asking the teams a few questions, including if they personally liked their artist's work. Amy said that Versacorp all really liked their artist's work, even if they all weren't onboard at first. Trump then turned to Protégé and Heidi admitted that the team didn't particularly like their artist's work. Troy said that they chose their artist because of the higher price point of her work. Kwame added that the artist had a built-in following. George and Carolyn then revealed the all-important numbers. Versacorp, led by Nick, had sold a whopping $13,000 of art while Protégé, led by Kwame, had racked up only $869. Donald said Protégé got "creamed" because they made the mistake of not believing in what they were selling. As a prize for being Project Manager of Versacorp, Nick would get a private, ten-minute meeting with Mr. Trump. Kwame and the rest of Protégé would meet Trump back in the boardroom for a not-so-private meeting of their own.

Nick relished his meeting with Trump. He asked Mr. Trump what he was looking for in a young executive. Donald said he was looking for two things: brains and energy. And Donald said that Nick definitely had energy. Donald then gave Nick a tour of his apartment and stressed the importance of family, something that resonated with Nick. Trump then complimented Nick and said that he felt that Nick was doing well, even when he had lost some tasks. Nick felt very good about the meeting.

Before facing the boardroom, Heidi talked to her mom who was receiving cancer treatment. Heidi was glad to hear that her mom was doing better. Omarosa took the time to criticize her teammates. In hushed tones, she told Bill how useless Troy was in the task and repeated how she thinks that Heidi has no class. And she said that if Kwame decides to choose her to face the firing, she would have to "eat my brotha up."

In the boardroom, Donald called Protégé's performance the worst disaster so far. He again stressed that the team didn't pick a product they believed in. But George said that he felt the choice of the artist was almost irrelevant. The problem was the dissension in the ranks. Heidi described her fight with Omarosa. Omarosa repeated that she had been working with a concussion for the last two weeks. But Trump called Omarosa out. He said that he's been hit in the head too. The truth was that Omarosa should have been working, but instead, she took a long lunch. Kwame chose Omarosa and Heidi to face the firing along with him. Waiting outside of Trump's office, Omarosa completely broke down. She cried as Kwame held her. Through the tears she complained of her two-week ordeal with headaches. Then, when the three were called back into the boardroom, Omarosa had to excuse herself to calm down and wipe away her tears. Finally, after she returned, Donald gave each person one chance to talk. Kwame said that he took a calculated risk that didn't pay off. Omarosa said that she had done a lot of work for the team on this task and that she had a hard time talking with Heidi because Heidi kept "dropping the F-Bomb." Heidi admitted that she curses, but thought that Omarosa didn't do a good job. With the last word, Trump said that Heidi has an edge to her that drives some people nuts - but more than anything, Trump was tired of Omarosa's excuses. One thing Trump can't stand is excuses. And with that, Omarosa was fired.


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