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Does anyone notice that ep4 intro has a little changed?

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Could it possibly have to do with parking? Like, say, the translators for Adam/Rebecca, Freddy/Kendra and Kris/Jon all had the drivers stop at one particular point, possibly designated by TPTB. Hayden/Aaron, on the other hand, may have had to go to a regular parking place, which could've made them miss a gondola up the mountain and cut into her time to complete the roadblock (I don't think that there were many gondola rides up the mountain, so that extra time could've been significant, given the final result).

Chateau d If:
Back to the original observation of TARA.

Yes I did notice that change to the Goth's 'head turn' shot.

The version shown in Ep4 is awesome.   :bow: :bow:     It is much more dramatic than the one they put in Ep1,2,3.

It has them doing the synchronized turn at the moment a graffiti covered bus or subway car passes behind them.  The first version is just static grassy stuff.

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