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Does anyone notice that ep4 intro has a little changed?

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1st I wanna say. I'm not native English speaker, so you may not understand very clear what I try to say.  I'm improving it.
you see, I have confirmed it. From Ep4 this season, in the scene of Goth couple turning their heads, the oringinal things were changed to a moving unclear thing. What was replaced, you can find out easily comparing to the previous. I can figure out it was done in the editing room, they did not re-shot it.

and does anybody have any idea of how Hayden was eliminated in China actually?
I speak Chinese, and when I watched that 2 episodes for several times, I found something that the production crew may ignored. ---Becouse they don't speak Chinese. And in my opinion, the translator for them was too strict, that forced them to lose.

Anyway, wish everybody has a good Thanksgiving holiday!

Chateau d If:
About Hayden,  Do you mean they could have stayed up on the mountain past 7pm ?

no. I mean when Adam and Rebecca first arrived at the base of the mountain, a clear female sound of Chinese voice saying " you're passed, you're passed". So I guess it's their translator or guardian something. Because a driver won't say this to HIMself. there's no way that Adam and Rebecca changed their driver since HE lead them twice first. Since the editor don't speak Chinese, they might think this was a driver telling them IT IS HERE. Actually it is a compeltly a different meaning. And you can find the un-aired scene from insider-player on I found their translator.
Look at this guy, he also appears when Freddy and kendra getting on the shuttle bus which aired on TV. Also you can find the same lady appear with Kris and Jon. Seems she was not local either, at least she didn't know how to climb Mount. Hua.
(Insider player is not aviliable if you go to CBS website, but I got this link you can download it directly. It's illegale, so any of you has a oppugnation I will delete this.)

One thing I knew was AR hired local people helping them. I knew in Season 10, they hired people and let them get ready 3 days before they started.
I got confused... bcoz I type it in English... I will prepare more to support my opinion.

TARAsia Fan:
I'm trying to follow you, TARA, but I'm not quite clear what you're trying to say here.

Kiwi Jay:
I can Kind of understand what TARA is trying to say here it is unclear TARAsiaFan but TARA said that it may not be clear!!!!!!!!!


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