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Speed Bump

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Sorry if it's been previously asked/answered. But any idea on what it is?

Maybe a rename for the yield?!? I am not sure!


Well--I am no Phil but here goes...

A U-Turn is a new twist this season that we assume is replacing the Yield. A team may, only ONCE per race, choose to U-Turn a trailing team after a Detour. That team will then have to go back and perform the other (previously not chosen) Detour.

The mechanics seem much like the Yield--either state for the cameras that you do not wish to use the U-Turn, or place a picture of the team you are U-Turning along with your own picture as U-Turners and you are done.

I like this better than the Yield as teams still have some remmnant of control over their own fate, rather than just standing by helplessly watching the sand in an hourglass go down.

I wonder if the Speed bump is really a new form of the Fast Forward.

To me it could mean two things.  A speed bump, ie something that bumps you forward.  Or it could refer to a speed bump designed to slow you down.

Now the UTurn seems to be similar to the Yield, but leaves it open to the team how much of a hinderance it is.

Of course, what the hell do I know.

Maybe the speed bump could be that BOTH team members have to do the Roadblock?


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