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24 Season 7...will there be one?


TV Guide Mag, Nov 19-Dec 2, Pg 19:


Even Jack Bauer couldn't save 24.  Up until the last days before the writers' strike, Kiefer Sutherland was feverishly filming scenes on location in D.C. for Season 7.  But Fox announced it postponed the real-time series indefinitely because only one-third of its 24-episode order is finished.  Originally slated to begin in January when Day 7 dawns, CTU will be gone (we can't tell you why) and Jack will be facing trial for his interrogation methods.  Since the Fox drama is a favorite inside the Beltway, the city was abuzz with Bauer sightings, as production took over streets around Capitol Hill and the White House.  Even Homeland Security Michael Chertoff paid him a visit.  "I'm a huge 24 fan!"  Chertoff told TV GUIDE.  But he'll have to wait along with fans of The Office, which is scheduled to have its last original airing on Nov 15........"
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I'm thinking that the sentence above:
"But Fox announced it postponed the real-time series indefinitely because only one-third of its 24-episode order is finished. 

....offers a little hope.  IF the Writers' strike is settled...maybe it will be 'business as usual' ??  HOPE so!!  :jam:
Maybe I'm naive and it's wishful thinking on my part.  ???
Still, the HUGE 24 audience can put pressure on FOX by contacting them!  :yess:
Then be sure to Spread the Word! at the SaveMyShow site!!  :yess:

We can also have SaveMyShow send an Email to every diehard 24 fan we know to encourage them to vote in the poll!  :yess: (upper left button on any SaveMyShow page)
Let our word be heard, 24 Fans!!  :jumpy: :tup: :jam:

I read in the Nov 19-Dec 2 TV Guide, pg 19, that 24 & Lost will "possibly be off the air for a year...."  A little ray of light...  :yess:  that 24 hasn't been cancelled, but just postponed. :xmas146   

Surely the dang writers' strike will be over this winter?  Hope they'll settle it soon!  Not just for 24, but our many other favorite shows.  :cmas9

 :xmas146  Just found this encouraging news!  :jumpy:

November 27, 2007

We all know the seventh season of 24 is currently on indefinite hiatus while the WGA writers' strike is on going.  However, things are looking up in regards to those negotiations, and it looks like the writers and producers could have a deal ironed out by Christmas.*   Whether or not this will give the 24 production team enough time to get season 7 ready for a Winter/Spring 2008 run is still unknown.  That doesn't mean we can't speculate away.*  The newest area of interest comes from IMDb, where we see a familiar name included in the cast list for season 7's first episode: Alberta Watson.  Watson played Head of CTU Erin Driscoll on season four.

*I added the bold & italics.


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