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The Blondes and the U-Turn

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1. Do you think it was wise for the blondes to use the U-turn?
2. Do you think it will hurt them in the future?

My opinions:
1. Hearing their interview that they thought TK/Rachel were Jason/Lorena and they thought they were in second-to-last place I can't say that i blame them. Everyone always wants to save it, but then you may not get there in time the next time it comes around.
2. Even though Jason/Lorena are out, I think the other teams will trust them less.

Hello and welcome!  :jumpy:

1)Not really, especially if they had a headstart of 1.5 hours on them. However, in hindsight, as they would never know how far behind they really was, the U-turn basically consigned Lorena/Jason to elimination.

2) Most probably. You have already seen TK being shown somewhat suspicious of them. I'll be expecting them to get some of the same level of treatment as Dustin/Kandice got in All-Stars and TAR10. But it really depends on the editing.

Hmm...In this case it does not help to be blondes!  :lol:

1.  I don't know if they knew how much later Lorena and Jason started the leg then they did.  But anyway, I don't see what was wrong with them using the U-turn.  It at least added to Shana's comfort level.  I wish Jennifer had been more supportive.

2.  The race is a competition.  Distrust didn't hurt Boston Rob & Amber in Race 7 and I don't think it hurt Dustin and Kandice race wise either.  If Shana and Jennifer can finish as high as Rob & Amber did in Race 7 or Dustin & Kandace did in either Race 10 or 11, then I think they will be very satisfied with the result.

I only wish these two had more pizazz  :jam:

If anything it might have saved Rachel & TK *whew* ! Thank Goth!!

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