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Open Casting Calls for TAR13

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puddin/peach have you guys ever thought about going on the race? you probably no the race inside out lol

BAH! if only I was American and 3 years older -- i'd become a mactor and go on the show!

Lynne Spillman gives some hints on how to apply--what to do and not do.

i didnt want to start a new thread but this puppy showed up on variety for the first time since all stars was entered

--- Quote ---THE AMAZING RACE  Wednesday,
Dec. 5,
2007  Bertram van Munster, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Hayma Washington  Lynn Spillman  Earthview  CBS  In Production
--- End quote ---

 :cmas51 Good job Kogs and I know its fairly new because I was over there last week when they announced the BB9 and S16 start  :yess:
actually I take that back, it was this past Monday that I checked fwiw.

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