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Open Casting Calls for TAR13

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CBS has announced open  casting calls for TAR13 between Nov. 20 and Dec. 8 in seven locations:
all of these locations happen to have college campuses or be near ones.  In fact, they list two dates in Cedar Rapids, IA and Champaign, IL.  If the next shoot is scheduled for May, then college kids would be on vacation then.  Are they going to load the next TAR with young 20 somethings?

TARAsia Fan:
TAR13: College Edition.

Champaign Illinois eh?

maybe Chief Illiniwek, and the hawkeyes mascot will be teamates? whats next TAR: Big Ten Edition?

An all college edition might be interesting: lots of young 20-somethings and alfa male teams!

Lots of good hard physical challenges without worrying how some old gizzers will be able to compete. 

And, heck, I don't see any Ivy league type locations either.

TARAsia Fan:
How about TAR13: The drunken college student edition? No? Ok. I'll be over here.


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